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Oct 27

Learn How To Repurpose TShirts Into Tote Bags

How To Re-Purpose T-Shirts Into Tote Bags (courtesy of

Hey Threadbangers! Today, it’s all about the earth. Earth Day was this week, so today I’m gonna turn the episode over to G from, and she’s gonna show us an easy way to turn old kids’ clothes into a new bag…check it out!

Here we are! From 2 t-shirts from Zara Kids, let’s create a new bag! Yo – enjoy!

What I’ve got today are 2 t-shirts from my daughter. These 2. These are 2 small for her now. So, what we are going to do, because the cotton is still fantastic, is create a bag! Are you ready for this? Yes, I am!

Let’s put the t-shirts on the floor, one with the design up, the 2nd one with the design face down. With pins, pin 3 sides of the t-shirts, leaving the 4th one and the sleeves free. After that, simply start to sew!

OK, guys, done! Now, we have to create the handles of the bag, using the sleeves of the 2 t-shirts. Let’s do it!

First of all, you need 4 buttons, and 4 pieces of textile, like this – look – with a hole in the middle, so we can use that like this. If you don’t have this, simply take a piece of denim, cut a little bit – cut a little piece like this – and make a hole in the middle, ’cause the denim is very hard material, it’s very good to do this kind of thing.

Simply, in one edge of the sleeve, sew the piece of textile with the hole in the middle. In the other sleeve, sew the button. Let’s do the same for the 4 sleeves of the 2 t-shirts. This way you can see how is simple to create the handles of the bag.

Look! We have done! And here as well – yes! Now, what we have to do – we cut the 2 labels, yes. We put this part inside like this, and we fix with pins. OK, and now, we simply have to close our new bag.

To close it, I want to use an old piece of t-shirt, denim t-shirt. I’m going to put this inside, and the button of the t-shirt outside. You can close it this way. I mean, you can use the buttons, everything you want and everything you like – it’s up to you. Ad then, start to sew.

OK, guys! We have done! Yes! It’s our new bag, look! And now, just open it. That’s it, and put inside all what you need: wallet, book, keys, close it. Yes! And now, we are ready to go out! Yes! I love it!

Thanks for the video, G. You’re a rockin’ eco-fashionista!


Mar 30

Learn How To Hem Pants While Keeping The Original Hem

Learn How to Hem Pants while Keeping the Original Hem (courtesy of LaycieDo)

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to LaycieDo! I’m Lacie, and this is what I do!

I’m sure many of us have had the problem of buying a pair of pants, and then later realizing we need it to be a little bit shorter. Today, I’m going to show you how to hem pants that have a hem that you don’t want to lose, I guess you would say. I want the pants to be shorter, but maintain this look at the bottom.

This pair has already been hemmed. You can tell that this is what the pants looked like on the bottom when I bought them, but they have been shortened, and there’s a tiny seam above the original hem. And, so, you get to keep the look of how they were at the store.

The pants we’re gonna be hemming today, they have a double-stitched, white hem, and, um, I’m only taking about 2 inches off of them. So if I was just to cut them, I would have to cut in the middle of this hem and they just wouldn’t look good. So what I’m gonna do is cut right above the hem and show you how to keep the original, store-bought-looking hem.

Here is what you’re gonna need:

A pair of pants that you want to hem
A measuring tape
A razor cutter and ruler, and

The first thing we’re gonna do is lay the pants out flat and cut the hem that we want to keep, off, along with a quarter-inch to half-inch seam, whatever your preference. I’m gonna go with the ½ inch. I’m just going to cut ½ inch directly above, from the point where I want my seam to be. And you’re gonna have your seam be at the very top of the hem you’re keeping. Like, on this pair of denim jeans, the seam we’re gonna sew is right above the stitch mark and the folded hem that was originally on the pants. So, even though the stitch mark is right here, the fold of the original hem is right here – you can feel it with your finger. I’m just gonna cut ½ an inch above that.

Now, what I have here is the original hem of the pants, long width, for extra fabric or seam allowance. I’m just gonna turn that inside out, and put it aside. And I’m gonna do the same to the opposite leg. This is only gonna work if you need to hem your pants at least an inch. If they need to be hemmed less than an inch, this is probably not gonna work out, because if I’m using ½ inch seam allowance, then, right there I’m already taking an inch off the pants.

Now that I’ve cut both of the hems off, I’m gonna measure the inseam of the pant I have left without the hem, and I’m also gonna measure the hem piece that I have. I want my inseam to be 30 inches, so I have to do a little math here to figure out how many inches I need to cut off the pants so that when I sew it to the hem it will be 30 inches. 21/4 inches is how long the inseam on the pants are. The hem, not including my seam allowance, is 2 ¼ inches. If, what I have for my hem is 2 ¼ inches, and my inseam is currently 29 ¼ inches, I need to factor in for my ½ inch seam allowance, which brings my inseam to 28 ¾. So, 28 ¾ plus the 2 ¼ here, brings my total to 31 inches. I need to cut one inch off this (bottom of pants), because I want my inseam to be 30 inches. So, since I have a cutting mat, I’m just gonna align my cut right up on the line, and I’m gonna cut an inch off. If you’re using scissors, just go ahead and use your measuring tape and just mark a little dot, at an inch, all across, and you can just use a ruler or something to mark a line. Then you can cut on the line! But, if you like to sew a lot, it’s really handy to have a razor and a ruler, it just saves you so much time, and you get such clean cuts. So, here’s the inch that we’re throwing away. Do that on both legs.

Alright, now that we’ve done that, we’re ready to sew the hem to the pants. And what you’re gonna do is just turn the hem inside out, and you’re gonna place it, right sides together, on the end of the pants leg. I’m matching up the side seams – I’m just gonna stick a pin in here. So just go ahead and pin your hem to both legs. Then, go over to your sewing machine!

Alright, we’re here at the machine, and I’m going to remove my regular presser foot and put on my zipper foot, because the zipper foot is gonna allow us to get right up to this hem – to make our job look anything but home-sewn! Now, I like to start my stitching on the side where we’ve got our seams matched up, because we want our seam from the pant to match the seam onto the hem. And let’s go ahead and sew these babies up! See, we’re gonna be able to sew right up to this line, and that’s what we’re gonna use as our guide. And, we have our first leg done! But, let’s get this other one done.

OK, now, we’re done, And we have a raw edge right here. And if you have a surger or raw edge machine, go ahead and run that over this. Or, you can also just do a zigzag stitch. Put your regular foot back on and run a zigzag over that so it won’t fray. I have a surger, so I’m gonna go ahead and surge that real quick and then we’re gonna take these over and iron them. So, here we are at the surger. Now, we have hemmed and surged, ready for the iron.

OK, now, I’m gonna turn the pants inside out and I’m gonna iron the hem. OK, now I’ve ironed both the pant legs, on this side, and coming in through here. But now, I want to make sure that through washings and wearings that this hem isn’t just gonna fall down/turn down, whatever, so I’m gonna stitch it real quick in a few spots.

OK, so we’re back to the machine, and we’re just gonna do a little stitch on the front center, back center, and on each side, to hold that seam up, so it doesn’t come falling down. So, I’m just gonna use a zigzag stitch. Probably width about 2, and stitch length, zero, because I just want it to be one little stitch. Obviously, you want to use the same color thread or something that is gonna blend in if you have denim or whatever. So, I’m just gonna do a little stitch right here, which will be barely noticeable but it will hold up the pant seam. So, I’m gonna do that front center, and on each side, and on the back center.

Tah Dah! All done. So, see, that hem looks pretty good…much better than just cutting and trying to sew your own new hem. You’ve just shortened the leg, and kept the original pant bottom. Yea!!


Oct 03

How to Make A Lady Gaga VMA Costume for Halloween

How To Make A Lady Gaga VMA Costume for Halloween (courtesy of

Level of Difficulty – Intermediate

Time of Project – 3.5 hours

We’re gonna start by making the crown. First, spray paint 2 sides of a poster board red. Let it dry, and spray one side with quick spray adhesive. Then, place a square of red lace fabric on top of it, pressing down to secure it.

Let it dry, then mark out the spiky points of the crown. Cut out the spikes, and use a hot glue gun to reinforce each one.

Glue the 2 ends of the crown together to form a cylinder that’s big enough to fit your head, while wearing a wig. Spray some more red paint to the tips of the spikes and let it dry.

Now, you need to make something to wear under the lace for warmth and modesty! Use a piece of stretch-knit, flesh colored fabric and stretch it around the intended costume wearer. Pinch and pin it down the back, and mark down both sides of the pin line with tailor’s chalk.

Unpin it from the wearer, and pin it back together again on your table. Sew down the pin line, using a zigzag stitch. Fold in hem along the top, also using a zigzag stitch.

Let the wearer try it on again, and mark chalk lines on the back and front to make mock undies.

Transfer the lines to the lace, and pin the pieces of fabric together. Sew along the chalk lines with a zigzag and cut off the excess fabric. Repeat for the back, and you have the illusion of wearing sexy lace undies!

Next, we have a long piece of lace, lay it over your model, and cut a hole big enough for their head to fit through. Pinch and pin, starting under the armpit, going down both sides of the wearer.

Use tailor’s chalk to mark out where the shoulders start, extending to the armpit, going all the way down the pin line. Remove the piece, pin it back together, and cut off the fabric outside of your chalk line.

Sew the sides of the garment together, using a zigzag stitch, starting at the armpit. Now, make sleeves by finding the middle of another piece of fabric and pinning it to the armhole, right sides together, until you reach the armpit. Sew together with a zigzag stitch.

Have your model try on the garment, and pinch and pin the sleeve part around the arm. Mark along the pin line with chalk, take it off, re-pin and sew it closed with a zigzag stitch.

Cut off all excess fabric, and make the other sleeve, using the first as a guide. When we return, we’ll show you how to complete your look.

Welcome Back! So, you’ve got the fundamentals to your Lady Gaga costume complete. Now, there’s only a couple more steps left, and you’re done!

Alright, so the next thing you want to do is cut yourself a piece of lace roughly 1 ½ ft x 1 ½ ft. Fold the fabric in half, and then, at the top of your lace, trace a small hood shape. Then, sew along your line, cut off the excess, turn it inside out, and you got yourself a hood!

Alright, next step, you need a train of lace fabric for the back. This piece needs to be about as tall as you are, and almost like a triangle, trailing off at the end.

Now, pin and attach the train to the back of the collar by gathering and sewing together from one end to the other.

Next, take your hood, and pin it to the front of your collar. Then, like the train, sew it on with a zigzag stitch from one side to the other.

Lastly, make yourself a couple of holes for your fingers to make some fingerless gloves, throw on a blonde wig, some sexy red shoes, and you’re ready for the paparazzi!