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Jan 27

How to Tell if Someone is Lying

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying (courtesy of

How do I tell if someone is lying to me? There are a lot of indicators of why somebody might be lying, and we could actually do a whole session on this, but here are some indicators that somebody’s lying:

First of all – do they only show one emotion? Have you ever met somebody who says how are things going? Oh, great, great, great great. Everything is always great. Oh, and you’re great, and everything! Well, here’s the thing. We all have down days, we all get upset with one another. If somebody’s showing you only one emotion, chances are, they’re not being up front.

Here’s another indication…if they’re not giving you the details. Do you ever ask someone a question, and they don’t really answer the question? Or, they give you kind of a vague answer? Or, they get defensive or make accusations back? In other words…and you think to yourself, “they didn’t answer the question?” Chances are, they’re covering up for something, and therefore, they are lying.

So, there are many indicators, but those are perhaps 2 big ones that I see often and we need to pay attention to. And then, of course, push forward, or walk away from the situation if you can, or, deal with it another way. Legally, of course, but the key is to do something about it, if it’s going to affect our life.


Jan 26

How to Manifest Anything

How To Manifest Anything (courtesy of TheRealPaulVHarris)

Hello! I’m Paul V Harris, and you can reach me at, or you can find me at You know, I have, I’ve been doing this video newsletter or this video blog, for about a year now, and I’ve had some amazing responses. And, there was something that occurred to me that I haven’t been telling you where I’ve been doing these videos! The video has always got the same kind of background in them, and I was like, “whoa! What do I need to do to change this up?” And, it occurred to me that I should tell you where I’m doing it! And, it also occurred to me that I’m manifesting this place out of nothing…which was absolutely amazing.

You know, I remember years ago, when I was driving my old motor home down the road, and I’d see these guys with these big diesel pushers driving down the road, and the first thing that came to my mind was “that’s how the other half lives”. Has anybody ever thought that? Now, anybody watching this video, have you ever thought, you see something going down the road and you think man, I’d really like to have that, and I just don’t believe I can ever have it. Well, you know I thought the same way. I thought the same way.

I drove down the street – I live over here in Courts Hill, and I kept driving by this motor home every day. And, I’d look at that motor home and I’d go “that’s the motor home I want some day”. That’s the motor home I want some day. Every day I’d drive by this motor home, just sitting there. And, to make a long story short, my buddy comes down the street and says there’s some people around the corner, you know, where that big motor home is, and they wanna sell that motor home. And I just went yea, whatever, you know. And I didn’t go over there or do any follow-up. And then, this lady down the street tells me hey you might want to go over and take a look at that motor home because they’re selling it. So now, that’s 2 people that have told me about this motor home over there that’s for sale. And I still kinda blew it off and didn’t pay attention, and then another friend of mine – unrelated to these other two – these people don’t know each other – comes down the street and tells me about this motor home around the corner that’s for sale. And at that point, it’s like look…3 times I’ve been told about this motor home – I’d better go over there and at least take a look at it!

Ok now, I was, I wrote down everything I wanted in a motor home. You know, my wife and I were sitting down – what are all the things we want in a motor home, should we decide to upgrade? Should we decide to move in to a better motor home than what we’ve had – our little 1989 34′ Bounder that we’ve been killin’ for 15 years, every time we take it out, overloading it and all that. And I said ok, I want a diesel, I want , I want 10,000 barrel tow rating, she wants a dinette like this, she wants a brown interior because we always go to the desert. And, we go over to look at this motor home – and we talked about how much we wanted to pay, and it’s like ok, we know we want a motor home that’s from $125 to $150,000 and that’s way, way out of our price range, for something that we don’t use that often. I said ok, I’m willing to pay $75,000. And that’s a pretty substantial discount, right?

So, we go over, we look at this motor home – it’s brand new! This thing is like, it’s got 14,000 miles on it, it’s been put underneath a shaded storage its entire existence, it’s hardly been used, and the lady says, “oh, you know, I’ll take $74,000.” And, it’s amazing how we manifest things in our life, just by looking at it every day. You know, that’s why it’s so important for us to write down we want – specifically, what it is we want. Now, there are things on this motor home that I didn’t write down, that I wanted, that I saw, in other people’s motor homes, and I was like, wow look at all this extra stuff! It’s like, you can never sell somebody less that what they want. You can always sell them more. This fit my criteria to the absolute perfect, and that’s where I’m doing this filming – inside of my motor home! Because, it’s the only place quiet! I have kids, it’s the summertime, my grandfather’s here, my mom’s here, and it’s quiet – I can do my videos…it’s like my office. It’s an amazing place to be, and let me know what you think about manifestation. Let me know about the things that you want to manifest in your life. Just take this video, embed it in your blog, post a comment, let me know that you’re alive – just take action, and you can manifest everything that you want in your life! If I can do it, you can do it!


Jul 18

Learn How To Deal With Bullies

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Unfortunately, almost everyone faces a bully now and then. But, we’re gonna teach you how to take their fun away! You will need:

A sport
And an adult to speak with

Step 1 – Make it more difficult for bullies to bother you by avoiding them. Take a different route to and from school, and sit far away from them in the cafeteria.

Step 2 – Find a friend…preferably a BIG friend, and start hanging out with them! Two is always better than one!

Step 3 – The next time a bully taunts you, do your best to ignore him. Stand tall, but don’t engage him. Remember, bullies get their jollies out of seeing you get scared or mad. If you show no reaction, they’ll probably move on. Do your absolute best not to fight back or try to get revenge. That’s just stooping to their level.

Step 4 – If you get jumped by a group of bullies and there’s no other way out, go for the biggest one. If you can take him out, the rest will run.

Step 5 – Build up your confidence, not to mention your strength, by taking up a sport. At the very least, start working out.

Step 6 – If the bully won’t stop, get an adult’s help. Speak to a teacher, parent or other authority figure. You shouldn’t have to live in fear!

Did you know? Almost 1/3 of kids in the United States are involved in bullying, either as a bully, or a victim.


Jul 05

Learn How To Always Be On Time

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In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, Time Is Money – Spend It Wisely! You will need:

An online calendar or day planner, and

A watch.

Step 1 – Schedule only commitments that are important, and learn to say no to others. Use one, main online calendar or day planner. Schedule events after rush hour and other off-peak times, so traffic doesn’t make you wait.

Step 2 – Set email or text reminders that set intervals on your online calendar. Give yourself a reminder 1 hour before, and 15 minutes before an event.

Step 3 – If you have a 2:00 appointment, enter it in your schedule at 1:50. Have extra work on hand to keep busy if you’re early.

Step 4 – Add 25% to the time you think you’ll need to get where you’re going, or to finish a job.

Step 5 – Lay out your clothes, lunch, keys, and anything else you’ll need for the day, the night before. If you wake up late, you’ll probably still be on time.

Step 6 – Keep your gas tank above ¼ full at all times. Always have at least $20 on hand so unplanned expenses don’t hold you up.

Step 7 – Wear a watch, or bring your phone everywhere you go so you’ll always know the time!

Did you know? There are 17 million meetings in America on an average day!


Jan 14

Learn How To Speed Read

Learn How To Speed Read (courtesy of


Aug 27

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Jun 15

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Apr 08

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Apr 08

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