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Jan 05

How To Make Lavender and Chamomile Sugar Scrub

How To Make Lavendar and Chamomile Sugar Scrub (courtesy of

Hi everyone! It’s Noreen, and welcome to my kitchen! And welcome to another episode of The holidays are coming! Now, last week, we did bath salts, and I did want to make a statement about that. In some states, what they call “bath salts” have been made “illegal” because it’s a certain type of drug, that, I think you smoke – I don’t even know. But, they’re not the bath salts that I make. So, when you talk about bath salts and you hear that in the news, that’s not what we’re talking about. That’s something totally different – it’s just called the same thing.

But anyway, we’re gonna kinda go a step further today, and we’re gonna make a sugar scrub. This is really nice – you take it in the shower and then you scrub it all over your skin, and you rinse it off when you wash off, and it exfoliates all of those dead skin cells and it makes your skin glow, and it helps your body absorb moisturizer a lot more quickly, and it helps you to – the things that are in it are gonna help the toxins escape from your body, and it’s gonna be wonderful!

So, let’s see what goes in this! This is another thing that you could make assembly line style. You can make a whole bunch of it and just jar it up. You could even sell this at bazaars – it would be fantastic. So, what we’re gonna start with is a cup of Demerara sugar, and I’ll show you what that looks like. I should have left it out – you know what? I have a full one over here, let me grab it. I buy this in my grocery store – this is also what I use in my favorite bread recipe! This is pure cane sugar – sugar before it’s refined – so it still has a lot of molasses in it. Still has a lot of nutrients and minerals in it that refined sugar does not have. In the bowl it goes – a cup.

And, this is a ¼ cup of epsom salt. Not sea salt – a ¼ cup of epsom salt, because epsom salt is gonna help extract toxins from your body.

The next thing we’re gonna do…this is Vitamin E oil. You can get this at the health food store, you can get it online, I bought it in the vitamin section at Walmart, and it was about $3.00. And this will go a very long way – except you have to get it open! I’m gonna use a tablespoon of Vitamin E oil.

We’re gonna use a ¼ cup of some sort of oil, but, this is organic olive oil – cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, ok? I will warn you – you cannot use vegetable oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, with this. You can use these 3 types of oil. You can use olive oil, you can use liquid coconut oil or you can use almond oil for this scrub. The olive oil contains lots of antioxidants that are fabulous for your skin, so you’re nourishing your body as well as having healthier skin.

Now, I’m also going to add a tablespoon each of lavender flowers and dried camomile flowers. Put those both in. You can do anything with this. If you want to make a lemon scrub, you can zest a lemon and you can put the lemon zest in here and it will smell fabulous. You can throw some black tea in here – just pop open a couple of black tea bags – or you can use green tea, or you can open up your favorite herbal tea and just toss a couple of those loose tea bags in here. Not the bag part, just the herb part.

Now, let me show you these herbs here before we move forward. This bag of lavender flowers was less than $5.00, and I get this from San Francisco Herb and Natural Food Company, and their website is, and I love them! They have fantastic prices and an amazing, amazing selection to choose from, and they have medicinal herbs, they have culinary herbs and spices. And then, this is whole chamomile flowers, and both of these bags are a pound. You know, that’s a lot. When you think, I’m gonna buy a pound, that’s a huge bag. A huge bag! But, the chamomile flowers are fabulous. Chamomile helps you to relax. It takes the edge off, it has a natural calming quality about it, so this is perfect for taking a shower in the evening. It’s gonna help you exfoliate your skin as well, along with everything else that we’ve put in this scrub. This one I got from MountainRoseHerbs, which is another one of my favorite purveyors, or vendors, for herbal supplies. And, I will put their web addresses in the underbar, and their website is And again, they have fabulous prices, and they also have – they have some things that San Francisco Herb and Tea doesn’t have, and vice versa. They also have a fantastic website where they actually have videos – they have a YouTube channel, and they have recipes and demonstrations, and you can learn a lot on their website about the origins and the uses for all of the herbs and everything that you’re looking at on there.

So, back to this! The only thing left to do know is to jar this up. I just put my trusty canning funnel up here, and I may have to tap this down. You’re gonna get more than a jar’s worth. This is just for demonstration purposes. You can pretty up that jar, put it in a cellophane bag, tie it with a bow, and you’re ready for gift giving! You can put a tag on it, and leave instructions below on how to use it. In fact, I’ll show you right here. I’ll just take some warm water – I’ll just do it on my arm, here. Just take a handful of it and rub it on your skin, and you’ll be able to feel – it’s gonna exfoliate all of the dry skin of of your body wherever you use it. It smells wonderful, and the, you know, the oil is not gonna be greasy on your skin, and you’re gonna wash it off with soap after you’re done. And I’ll just reach over here and get some of my hand soap. And it’s just like, if you’ve ever gone to Bath and Body Works or Crabtree and Evelyn or some really – like The Body shop, they’re really expensive places where you can go and get body care items. And you just dry off. But, this makes your skin really soft – feel it. Really soft!

So, give this a try. It’s a great gift! We’ve added the extra vitamin e in there. You don’t have to use a tablespoon if you choose not to. You can use a teaspoon. If you’re looking out for your budge, you don’t have to use it at all. So, there you have it – Sugar and Olive Oil Body Scrub that you make from home to give to your friends and family for Christmas. It’s not expensive, and you can make – if you buy a container of the Demarar sugar, a bottle of olive oil, a bag of epsom salts and a little bit of chamomile or lavender or spearmint or whatever herb you choose to put in there, or you don’t have to put herbs in it at all. You can make a whole bunch really cheap, and you can give it to everybody that you know and care about for Christmas. So, there’s another idea for holiday gift giving…I hope you try it, and I hope you enjoy it! Until next time – I’ll see ya!


Aug 08

Learn How To Make Your Own Bath Salts

How To Make Your Own Bath Salts (courtesy of

Hi! I’m Jen D’Amore with, and today I’m gonna show you how to make our own, fancy bath salts. Bath Salts make a great gift, and a great indulgence – especially when you’ve personally selected and put together all the ingredients. First, let’s gather your materials. You’ll need:

A Bowl – for mixing,and a spoon

Salts – we’re gonna use a combination of Dead Sea salt and Epsom Salt

Moisturizing Oil – in this case, we’ll use Sunflower oil, but you can also use Jojoba or Castor oil.

Essential Oil – in this case, Sandalwood. And finally,

a Fancy Jar

These are the basics. You can also use fresh or dried flowers. They add a nice touch, especially if you’re giving it as a gift.

First, combine 1 cup of Moisturizing oil with 10 drops of Essential oil. Add the salts to the bowl. Measuring doesn’t need to be exact, but you want about 4 cups of salt per 1 cup of oil. Then, stir gently, until the oil is evenly spread throughout the salt.

The salt will need to sit for 2 days before you use it. You can cover the bowl and store it there, or go right into the fancy jars. Let’s keep ours in the fancy jars. Just spoon them in, add some fresh or dried flowers, a ribbon – and there you have it! Homemade, Fancy Bath Salts…for a gift to friends, or to yourself!

Thanks for watching!


Jun 22

Learn How To Make Bath Bombs

Learn How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs (courtesy of

Add some fizzle and sizzle to bath time with a homemade bath bomb! You will need:

1 cup of baking soda
½ cup of cornstarch
½ cup citric acid
2 ½ tablespoons of sweet almond oil
1/8 cup of distilled water
6 drops of the essential oil of your choice
A spray bottle filled with witch hazel
Molds, muffin tins or ice cube trays
and tissue paper.


1/8 cup of sodium lauryl sulfoacetate
Dried flower petals
Zest of a citrus fruit
Food coloring
Colored plastic wrap
and ribbon

Step 1 – Mix together the baking soda and the cornstarch in one bowl, and the citric acid, almond oil and distilled water in another. Find citric acid, also known as Sour Salt, in natural food stores, craft shops and some supermarkets. If you want your bath bombs to foam, add 1/8 cup of sodium lauryl sulfoacetate to the dry mixture, once you’ve combined the other dry ingredients. Order it on the internet.

Step 2 – Lightly grease the molds with sweet almond oil. If you don’t have multi-purpose craft molds, you can use muffin tins, ice cube trays, plastic Easter eggs that snap apart, or even Christmas ornament packages instead.

Step 3 – Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, mixing them with your hands. If the mixture is too dry to stick together, mist it with a little witch hazel, which you can find at drugstores. Dried flower petals, the zest of lemons or other citrus fruits, or food coloring can be added to the mix.

Step 4 – Press the mixture into molds, let them sit for a few hours, remove, and let them dry for a week.

Step 5 – If you’re giving the bath bombs as gifts, cover them with colored plastic wrap and tie with ribbon; otherwise, cover them with tissue paper and store in a cool, dry place.

Did you know? According to one survey, 24% of married women would rather have a bubble bath than sex!


Jan 19

Learn How To Apply Reflexology

Learn How To Apply Reflexology (courtesy of

Hi! I’m Kristin Phillips, and I’m an instructor at MTTI Wellspring, and I’m going to demonstrate a foot massage.

So, the first thing you want to do when you massage someone’s feet…make sure your hands are nice and warm. You have a little bit of cream or lotion on your hands, and you want to begin by just warming up the foot with a nice, gentle, gliding stroke. So you can see, I’m coming from the bottom of the leg, off the foot, and I’m coming to the bottom of the foot as well. Get all of the surfaces of the foot. So, this is just a warm up with a nice, gliding stroke.

The next stroke I’m going to do is called fleuring. You’re going to take your hands on top of the foot, with your thumbs together, your fingers are underneath the foot to stabilize, and you’re going to spread apart – spread your hands apart, from the center on out. This is a fleuring, or a broadening stroke.

Now, we’re going to come down into the toes, and we’re going to do some friction. We’re going to rub the toes. We call this a coin rub friction. Off the end of the toes, with a little bit of stretch. When you get to the end of that toe, give it a little stretch. Little bit of a stretch. You can switch hands if you want – if that’s more comfortable.

Now, we’re going to drain the bottom of the foot. You can kneel down for this if you like to. I’m gonna do this with supported thumbs. So, I’m gonna have one thumb on the bottom, and one thumb on the top. I’m gonna follow just underneath the big toe, and I’m going to do a nice, deep glide with my thumbs, all the way down to the heel. And I’m gonna go down each toe and do that.

You have over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet, so when you give someone a foot massage, it can be very, very relaxing. It can really soothe your nervous system. So, that’s draining.

Then, come back up and do a stretch. We stretch the foot back toward the leg. Just a gentle stretch, and hold that for a couple of seconds. And now, gently stretch the foot down toward the table. And this is just very gentle.

Now, we’ve worked on the bottom of the foot. We can also work on the top with some deep glides. Do a nice little finishing, gliding stroke, and hold at the ankle and give the leg a nice stretch.


Aug 10

Learn How To Relax

Learn How To Relax and Meditate (courtesy of

For meditation, the first thing is the posture. You may sit in any posture. The posture must be very comfortable and stable. We can meditate either on a floor or on a chair. We can meditate in any place – wherever we feel comfortable.

Sit comfortably. Cross your legs. Clasp your fingers. Now, close your eyes. Stop inner or outer chatter. Don’t chat any mantra. Just relax. Totally relax. Just relax.

When we cross our legs and clasp our fingers, energy circuit is formed and gives more stability. Eyes are doors of the mind, so the eyes should be closed. Monk chanting, or any chanting, inner or outer, are the activities of the mind, so it should be stopped.

When body relaxes, consciousness travels to the next zone – mind and intellect. Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. There are numerous thoughts always coming to the surface of the mind. Whenever there are thoughts in the mind, we may get many questions, known or unknown, to transcend the mind and intellect.

One has to observe the breath. Observation is the nature of the self, so, one should just witness the breath. Don’t do conscious breathing. Don’t inhale or exhale consciously. Let inhalation or exhalation happen on its own. Just observe the normal breathing. This is the main key. This is the wing.

Don’t go behind the thoughts. Don’t cling to queries, questions or thoughts. Dart the thought – come back to the breath. Observe normal breathing. Be with your breath. Then, the density of the thoughts reduces. Slowly, breath becomes thinner and shorter.

Finally, breath becomes the smallest, and settles like a flash in between the eyebrows. In this state, one will have no breath and no thought. He will be totally thoughtless. This state is called normal steady or state. This is the meditative state. In this state, we will be under the shower of cosmic energy. The more meditation one does,the more will be the cosmic energy one receives. This cosmic energy flows through the energy body. It is also called the body.