Oct 20

How to Decorate – Elegant Halloween Party

How To Decorate for an Elegant Halloween Party (courtesy of UrbanRoute)

If you want a spooktacular Halloween, you have to have the right ambiance. Dah dah dah dah! It’s like magic! I love this time of year! You never know what’s gonna happen. Check out these great hats and this fabulous room! Jill, what have you done in here?

Well, you know we went to town. We made it really elegant, instead of being tacky. Because, Halloween can be that way. So, we went out into nature, went for a nice walk and gathered wonderful twigs and branches and leaves, and we’ve added all kinds of lovely, elegant throws and pumpkins. Even if you don’t carve them, the pumpkins look really fabulous, just around the room.

OK, I love the spiders!

It’s fun, because you can just add a little whimsy with things like that. And, they’re just little magnets. And with the pumpkins, put them around, put them in groups of 3…we even put one inside the blackbird house.

Let’s go check out how you can have the perfect Halloween dinner setting.

We have had SO much fun putting this table together, because it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to be creative with some color from nature. So, the leaves on the table, and, the centerpiece…honestly, it is so simple! There’s sugar, candy corn, black beans and red lentils, and they become the anchor for twigs, and, just get dramatic. Go for some extreme height, add a crow, look at what you get!

Except, I think my son would try to dig down and get the candy out, I’m telling you right now!

Just put some more in another bowl somewhere else – maybe he won’t be so tempted.

But, if you do want a little candy, check out the napkin rings!

Isn’t that fun? Black licorice – you gotta have it! And, just knot it around the napkin that’s just rolled up. And, then, when you’re done, you can eat it! Such a great trick! I also love that this isn’t your classic Halloween orange.

Yes, we’ve gone with a more subdued, cinnamon color, and,it then means you can use it again afterward. I think the final thing is to be organized for your guests. Set up a little bar cart and have all of the things you need handy, so it makes your life easier. Then in the kitchen area, don’t forget to add a bit of drama. You can get wonderful, white mini-pumpkins and mass them in quantity. Use a couple of glass cloches and put some goodies inside of there….branches and pumpkins…and, voila! It’s elegant, yet it’s festive at the same time!

Thank you, Julie. I can’t wait to get home and decorate my house for Halloween! Have a Spooktacular Halloween!