Oct 11

How – To Halloween: Making a Mummy Costume

How To Make A Mummy Costume (courtesy of Threadbanger.com)

You voted for it! This week on Halloween Wednesdays, we’re making a mummy costume. Alright, so here’s the supplies you’re gonna need to make your kick ass mummy costume!

First, grab some white sheets. I got this twin set at Goodwill for only 4 bucks!

You’re also gonna need a pair of white pants or jeans.

And, a white, long-sleeved t-shirt, preferably a turtleneck. I got both of these at Goodwill for only 6 bucks.

So, the first step is getting that dirty white, century-old kinda look that mummies use. So, we’re gonna do this by dying all of the material in black tea. I got this box of 100 teabags for only a buck.

Now, grab some 3 to 5 gallon buckets, add some tea, hot water, throw your material in, and let it steep for about 2 to 6 hours.

Now, take them out, dry them, and you got yourself some mummy material!

Now, lay out your sheet, grab your scissors, and start cutting some 2 to 3 inch slits down the side of your sheet.

Now, this is the easiest part. You’re gonna tear the strips the length of the sheet. They all rip pretty evenly, and all have a really cool, straight edge.

You now have your mummy bandages. Start wrapping them around your turtleneck, and to sewing the strips around your shirt. This is the most time consuming part. However, the sloppier and less conformed you sew these, on – overlap your strips, leave some pieces longer than others – it’s a mummy costume. You seriously can’t mess it up!

Now, once you get up to the chest area, I grab a pair of scissors and cut up the inseam of each of the sleeves. Lay them down flat. Cut some pieces of material out for the appropriate length of the sleeves, and get to sewing them on. Layer by layer by layer.

Once you’re done adding your material, sew on the rest of your strips to finish your shirt. Turn it inside out and sew your sleeves back up.

Now, grab your seam remover and do the pants. Rip up the inseam, all the way to the crotch. Lay flat, and now, cut out your strips to cover your pants. Start from the bottom, and begin sewing your strips onto both legs.

You can stop when you get to the crotch, because your shirt’s gonna cover the rest.

Now, turn your pants inside out, and sew back up your legs.

With your mummy outfit almost complete, you just need to cover your face with your excess material, add some baby powder for that ancient mummy affect, and you’re ready to get your grunt on!