May 09

How to Recycle a 2 Liter Bottle

How To Recycle A Two-Liter Bottle (courtesy of MakeMagazine)

How To Recycle A Two-Liter Bottle

Earth Day…Two-Liter Recycling

Here’s eight quick and easy ways to recycle a two-liter water bottle:

#1) Save water, money and the environment. Fill up a two liter bottle with water, all the way to the top, and then screw on the cap. Flush your toilet. Drain the tank completely. Put the two-liter water bottle in your tank, and when the tank fills, it will be filled with less water than normal – meaning less water consumption, a decrease in your water bill, and also saving the environment.

#2) Why not cut the top off a bottle and use it as a funnel? You can make a wide assortment and different sizes of funnels, using soda bottles!

#3) Here’s a great way to get rid of annoying insects. Carefully cut through the upper third of a water bottle. Then pour a sweet liquid, like orange juice, into the bottom part of the bottle. Turn the part you cut off upside down, and place it inside the bottom of the bottle. Insects can find their way into the bottle, but they can’t get out.

#4) Make a handy bottle pod. Take off the cap to a two-liter bottle and drill a small hole. Then you’ll need a quarter inch hex bolt and a quarter inch hex nut. Put the bolt through the hole and attach the nut. Then, fill the two-liter bottle with water or sand. Attach your cap mount to the bottom of your camera and screw it onto the bottle, and you’ve got a bottle pod to go!

#5) When working in the yard, you occasionally find a weed that you want to kill, or a number of different weeds, and you don’t want to hurt the surrounding grass. Remove the cap from a two-liter bottle, cut off the bottom of the two-liter bottle, place it over the desired weed, and then spray your weed killer. This also works great on a windy day, keeping the spray contained.

#6) You can make a pretty cool greenhouse with a two-liter bottle, by cutting it about 1/3 down. Cut out a piece of cotton, or you could even use cotton string, and insert the cotton inside the top. Now, put some water in the base and then insert the top, upside down, in the base. Fill the top part of the bottle with potting soil, and you’ve made yourself a recycled greenhouse!

#7) Measure the weather! Cut the top off a two-liter bottle, right where the slope begins. Fill the bottom of the soda bottle with water, just up to the line. Now, using a ruler, measure off inch increments and mark them with a sharpie. You can also make marks for half inches. Flip over the top of the bottle and insert it into the bottom, and your rain gauge is ready to use!

#8) Make a bird feeder! Empty plastic soda bottles make great bird houses! Cut two holes in the bottle, across from each other. Then, using about an 8-inch long wooden dowel, cut out small holes and insert the dowels under the doorways. Fill it with bird feed, and then poke a hole in the bottle top and insert a piece of string. Hang it from your nearest tree or porch, and you’ve made a bird feeder and recycled another two-liter water bottle!