Sep 23

Learn How To Clean Your Teeth Correctly

How To Clean Your Teeth Correctly (courtesy of

Hi! My name is Carol and I’m a registered dental hygienist, and I’m gonna be speaking on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m gonna demonstrate on how to correctly brush your teeth.

Whenever brushing your teeth, you want to make sure to brush two times a day. And, it’s also important to brush for the full two minutes whenever you brush, ’cause your main goal in brushing is to remove plaque and buildup that’s on the teeth.

When you start brushing, you want to make sure to get every side of every tooth. And, when you start brushing, make sure to aim towards – get the back teeth first.

We’re gonna start on the inside and outside of the upper and lower teeth. When you angle the toothbrush, you wanna make sure to get it at about a 45° angle to the gum line, ’cause this is where mainly the plaque buildup gets on the teeth.

Whenever you start brushing, start at the back, and start doing small, tooth-sized circles, gradually moving forward. You want to make sure when you’re brushing, not to do a harsh back-and-forth motion, because this can cut the gums. But, continue to do the small, tooth-sized circles along the gum line…the motion that removes the plaque.

You’re gonna do the same for the lower arch. Aim the bristles toward the gum line, do the small circles. And you’re gonna do this all the way around.

Same with on the inside of the teeth…small circles all the way around. And, when brushing the chewing surfaces of the teeth, you want to make sure to hold the toothbrush flat on the chewing surface, and go back and forth, to remove the plaque from in between the teeth.

Also, whenever you’re brushing the fronts – the anterior teeth – you might try using the toe of the toothbrush, which is the tip of the toothbrush. It allows easier access into these areas, than trying to fit the brush in horizontally. So, turn your toothbrush vertically, still aiming your bristles at a 45° angle, and doing the small circles all the way across, on the inside, and then also on the upper arch, doing the small circles.

And, this whole process should take about 2 minutes. Adults and kids should all brush for that amount of time, and you want to make sure to brush your teeth in the morning after you have breakfast, and at nighttime before you go to bed. This prevents plaque buildup.