Jun 21

Learn How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Learn How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (courtesy of youtube.com/stratola)

Hey. What’s happening? It’s that time of year again. Time to set our New Year’s resolutions, and screw them up a day later. There’s a big problem that we have in society today, and that’s New Years resolutions. Period. We get all dressed up…well, this is not so dressed up – it’s 3 bucks – but, you get the point. We get goofy hats, we get all jacked up and we have some drinks and we say, “yea, it’s gonna be different! 2009 is gonna be different, just because the year changed to 09 instead of 08”. And we say, “I’m gonna lose weight, and I’m gonna stop smoking, and I’m gonna rescue orphans”, or whatever the thing is.

The problem is, we’re doing it wrong. That’s right. We’re doing it wrong. The guy wearing a freaking hat that’s too big for his gargantuan head is telling you we’re doing it wrong. I know it’s hard to take me seriously right now, but, listen – just give me 2 minutes, here.

We set it up wrong. Our motivations are just wrong for New Year’s resolutions – we can make it right, though! Let’s just use a system I call Mace, OK? M-A-C-E. If you look at these 4 letters, which stand for 4 words, you can change your New Years resolution, regardless of what it is, and actually make it work. You can actually have a New Year’s resolution…and keep it…and actually make it work! OK, come along with me for a second – trust me.

M stands for Motivation. What is your motivation for your New Year’s Resolution? Why are you making it? Are you wanting to lose weight because you are sick of seeing all the freaking people who are thinner than you, and you want to have their body? Wrong! Motivation has to come from here. You’ve got to want to quit smoking. You’ve got to want to be healthier. You’ve gotta want to lose weight because of your own reasons, not because somebody else looks that way. Not because somebody else told you. You can’t quit smoking because a commercial made you feel guilty about it. You can’t be better with money because the economy says so. It’s gotta be from within. Your motivation’s have to be right. So that’s M.

A stands for Attainable. You have to be able to reach it. You can’t say, “I’m gonna quit smoking for the year.” That’s 365 days! That’s a long time to quit, when I know when you’re trying to quit, an hour seems like a long time, let alone lots and lots of hours! You’ve got to be able to get to it. OK, you can’t say, “I want to lose 60 pounds – right now.” You can’t go from fat to fab that quickly. It’s gotta be attainable. You’ve got to be able to reach it – not for a year, but I’m talking a week. Or, even a day – just give me a day. One day at a time. It’s little, baby steps. ‘Cause when you put those baby steps together, they turn into a wonderful journey when it all works together!

OK, and C, the most important one is under C – is Controllable. You have to be able to control the goal. So, if your New Years resolution is to lose 20 pounds to fit into that dress, into those pants – that’s wrong. You can’t control your weight! Does that make sense? You can’t control the number on a scale. We fluctuate weight during the day, so if you make your goal to lose 20 pounds and you lose19, you failed! Or, you lose 21 pounds and you gain back 4. That’s the problem – we can’t control it. You can control what you do for your health – that should be your goal! Your goal should be, “I want to be healthier”. OK, and we can work with that. It’s not 20 pounds. It’s not 30 pounds. It’s whatever you’re gonna weigh when you’re having a healthy lifestyle. And, speaking of healthy lifestyle…a lot of times, us who don’t have a very healthy lifestyle, don’t enjoy the journey towards it. We set it up wrong.

And that’s what the E stands for, is Enjoyable. I tried it myself. I’m gonna reveal to you right now. I tried that program 10 years ago. You know, “insert program here”, or whatever it is. I saw the before and after, right? I saw the after and said, “yea, that’s what I want to be!” I saw the before and I said, “ooo…that’s what I am right now.” Did you ever notice that the after picture is always better lighting, and more tanned, and sometimes it looks like a different person? Anyway, so, what happens is we motivate wrong. So, I changed my food, and I got the weight patch and I was all ready to go, right? I was all set to go and be buff and 6-packing and ready to rock and roll.

I looked at my meal plan they gave me, and I had to eat boiled chicken that had no skin and broccoli. And that was the good meal. I know! And, I could have rice cakes, too…WHAT? Do I look like someone who eats rice cakes? No! So, I started hating meal time. I started hating my meals. You want to fail at a goal? Hate what your goal/journey is. That’s wrong. You’ve gotta set it up so you can enjoy it. And, if you don’t particularly like or enjoy the journey, then, set up reward systems for yourself, saying, “if I eat healthy for this week, I’m gonna reward myself with a nice meal that I enjoy,or a dessert I really want on the weekend. Or, I’m gonna go to the gym 3 times this week, and if I do, I’m gonna go buy this DVD, this book, see this movie – whatever it is…to reward yourself. Get yourself a massage. Trust me, if you haven’t been to the gym in a while, you’ll need the massage…so give it to yourself!

But, look at what you can control, what you are gonna enjoy about it. Let’s set the goals:

So, DON’T want to lose weight,

DON’T want to have more money,

Set yourself to be healthier, or,

Set yourself to spend better, or,

Set yourself to do stuff Within Your Control!

So, Do It! And, do it TODAY!

And Happy New Year’s!