Mar 17

Learn How To Make Curtains

How To Make Curtains At Home (courtesy of

Hey Threadheads! Welcome to my Brooklyn nest, and to Threadbanger’s new, DIY home re-fashion show.

I’m a DIYer with a passion for green living and eclectic home décor. Recently, it was brought to my attention that some Threadheads are experiencing some DIY home décor dilemmas. Never Fear – Meg Is Here!

Jasmine recently wrote in her nest’s need for a new curtain. Over on the forum, Sew It Together and Aurora 199 said that they have the same issue. Let’s see what we can do to help you guys out! One of my favorite design blogs, Apartment Therapy, highlighted this cool, branch curtain rod from Here’s How to DIY your Curtains!

Measure your window across and down.

Find a branch to go across the top.

At your local hardware store, pick up 2 metal loops that your branch will fit through, and use your handy dandy power drill to screw those puppies in!

Now, choose fabric. 2 of my favorite sources for fabric are and

Measure and cut your fabric.

Fold and pin edges.

Sew along edges of fabric.

Cut out 4 to 5 pieces for your tabs.

Take your pieces and fold them in half, good sides together, and pin.

Sew along 2 edges and flip right side out.

Fold and press down and sew a top stitch along your edges.

Now, attach your loops.

To make a dart, pinch your fabric, sew a diagonal line, snip, fold down the flaps and sew a top stitch. And now, you have yourself a dart!

Now, put your branch through the loops, and, Voila – new curtain!

Do you have any DIY home décor projects? Well, send them in! The most unique ones will be featured on the threadbanger blog, and over on my blog, And, one lucky threadhead will win a fantastic, home detox kit from!

This week’s Quick Tip is How To Mull Spices. Just take a retro pot, fill it with water, add your favorite organic spices – my favorites are cinnamon and cloves. Put on a light simmer, stir, and you’re mulling spices! Remember, style starts at home! Join us next week for another DIY home décor project that you can make your own. Your nest needs you!