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May 27

How to Get Your Body Bathing Suit Ready

How To Get Your Body Bathing Suit Ready

How To Get Your Body Bathing Suit Ready (courtesy of SparkPeople)

Hi, I’m Nicole, a health and fitness expert for SparkPeople.com, a diet and fitness site, that gets over 1,500,000 visitors each month. Today, I’m gonna share with you our Top Ten Tips so you can look good and feel great in your bathing suit this summer!

Tip #1 – Eat a healthy breakfast every day. Breakfast eaters tend to consume more nutrients and fewer calories than people who skip breakfast. Plus, it boosts your metabolism in the morning.

Tip #2 – Exercise at least ten minutes every day. Sure, you’ll want to do more on some days; but at least ten minutes of cardio, stretching or strength training every day will help get you in the habit of exercising regularly.

Tip #3 – Write down your goals and put them in a place where you can see them every day, like on the refrigerator. Seeing your goals each day will help you achieve them!

Tip #4 – Make smart substitutions. Use vinagerette instead of ranch dressing, an english muffin instead of a bagel, mustard instead of mayo, and you’ll save 250 calories each day. That adds up to five pounds in just ten weeks!

Tip #5 – Exercise in the morning. More than 90% of people who exercise regularly have a morning fitness routine. This ensures that other things won’t happen during the day that will get in the way of your workout.

Tip #6 – Keep a water bottle with you all day. A lot of times when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty, and drinking water can sort of prevent you from eating a bunch of extra snacks during the day.

Tip #7 – Find a diet buddy. Find someone you can call, email or chat with online every day to help you stay accountable.

Tip #8 – Make three healthy recipes each week. You’ll know exactly what’s in your food; plus, cooking instead of going out, will burn 125 calories!

Tip #9 – Pack your snacks ahead of time. That way, when you’re hungry, you’ll have a healthy choice that’s already perfectly portioned.

Tip #10 – Use SparkPeople.com! OK, so this is the self-promotion part, but it really does work! SparkPeople.com is 100% free, and we give you personalized meal plans, a calorie counter, fitness programs and thousands of articles and healthy recipes. Plus, we have an online support community of members like you who can help you reach your goals. Thanks for your time, for listening to our Ten Tips, and Good Luck reaching your goals!