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Aug 02

Learn How To Make A Papier-Mache Mask

How To Make A Papier-Mache Mask (courtesy of Howcast.com)

Make a papier-mache mask for Halloween, a masquerade party, Carnival time or anytime! You will need:

An old tablecloth
A work smock
A clean, empty plastic gallon jug – labels removed
Strong scissors
Craft knife
An elastic band
White computer paper
Unbleached flour or glue
Acrylic paint

Step 1 – Cover your workspace with an old tablecloth or sheets of newspaper, and wear something to protect your clothes, like a smock.

Step 2 – With strong scissors, cut the plastic jug in half, lengthwise. Turn the jug upside down. The handle will serve as the mask’s nose. Cut holes for your eyes and mouth with a craft knife. Cut a small hole on each side of the mask, at ear level, for an elastic band.

Step 3 – Tear newspaper and white computer paper into strips, about 1 inch x 6 inches. Shredding the paper by hand works better than cutting it. You’ll need enough pieces to cover your mask with 3 layers of newspaper and 1 layer of computer paper, plus some extra paper for molding facial features.

Step 4 – Whisk 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of water into a paste, adding a bit more of either, if needed, to reach a gluey consistency. You can also use glue, thinned out with water.

Step 5 – One by one, dip a newspaper strip into the paste, shake off the access and lay it flat against the mask horizontally, taking care not to cover the holes. Overlap each strip with w new one. When you finish the first layer, let it dry completely before putting on the next one. This time, apply the strips vertically. If you’re putting away your project for the night, store the unused paste in the refrigerator. The next day, microwave it for one minute before using.

Step 6 – Apply the strips for the 3rd layer horizontally. After you’ve applied 3 layers, mold some of the newspaper strips into features, like cheekbones and eyebrows.

Step 7 – Make the last layer out of the torn computer paper, applying the strips vertically. The white paper will give you a blank canvas for creating your character. If you live in a damp climate, you can dry the mask on a lightly-oiled cookie sheet in an oven set to Warm. Check on the mask after about 30 minutes.

Step 8 – When the mask is completely dry, decorate it with paint, feathers, glitter, sequins, beads, fabric, rhinestones, or whatever will make it your own!

Did you know? At 12 to 16 feet tall and several feet wide, the Igbo ijele mask is one of the largest ceremonial masks made in Africa!


Oct 07

How to Make Papier Mache – Halloween Skull Part 2

How To Make A Papier Mache Skull Part II (courtesy of HayCrossHollow)

Hello, this is Jeremy Edsall, and this is the 2nd part of my making a papier mache skull. In this segment, we’ll be working on building the skull. We’ve already worked on the jawbone, as you see here. And, what we’re doing is working on the top of the jaw – the top of the teeth and the top portion of the skull. We do that by taking a piece of cardboard, wrapping it up in aluminum foil and folding it over several times, and you’ll see how that gets folded and molded, and then that becomes part of the face of the skull.

And you test-fit it into the jawbone. And then, what you want to do is depress this center to make a little bit of a cavity for where the nose is, and that will become apparent here in a minute. You will see that there is a little bit of a sculpture there. And with that indentation, you can start filling in with the papier mache, and start building that nose portion of the skull. There it is, covered with mache. It takes on a rounded appearance. And then, you can add some teeth as well, by doing the tips of the popsicle sticks. And, again, you want to test fit it to make sure it fits that jawbone.

Then, you want to get a couple of tops from plastic soda bottles. And, what you do with these, is you cover them with aluminum foil as well, as you see here. And then, press these into the sides of that front of the skull, and fill these in with papier mache. Start building around them, as you see here. Continue to build and cover. There will be a hole there in the middle, and we’ll deal with that here in a minute. What you want to do is make a ball of newspaper – kind of like a brain size – and, that kind of looks like a brain stem, cause we’re gonna leave a little piece coming down.

Insert that in that hole, put that down, turn it over, and attach it to the back of that top tooth portion and cover it up with papier mache. And start filling around that whole part of that, what I call the brain portion.

Then continue to cover, and then what you want to do is take another piece of aluminum foil. Take a long piece and wrap that around and kind of contour that in around those eye sockets, and then you can start covering that with papier mache as well. Then you just want to work around the entire skull portion, covering all those places and covering up all that aluminum foil. And just build in the top of that skull.

Most of these in these first 2 videos are all done in one time period, so you should be almost able to complete the whole project within one time period. Then, our next segment will be after I take a break and come back and finish with some details.