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May 10

Learn How To Water Ski

Learn How To Water Ski (courtesy of 1HourSlalom.com)

Welcome to Sunny Winterhaven, Florida! I’m Lane Doug Bowers, and if you’re watching this video right here, that means you want to learn to either get on combo skis without falling or get up on water skis, get up on a slalom ski without falling or get up on a wake board without falling. I’m gonna show you the same technique that top barefooters learn, beginning barefooters learn – to help them learn without falling. That’s how I’m gonna show you how to not fall – that’s how I’m gonna keep you from looking stupid in front of your friends and looking like a champion the first time you get on water, and help you do it for free!

Here’s how it goes. Your next lesson…you guys already watched this. If you didn’t watch this, go back and lean your body in this head-up, shoulder roll, meat hook, hips forward. You learn to be soft but powerful. Your hips in, your shoulders back, your knees up. Let me grab the handle.

The next position we’re gonna learn, and this is the real key to not look – how many of you watch somebody get up on a board or a cutskin and they’re in the water and say, “Ready – I’m ready – Go!” and they go yikes and they go yanking out the front. Well, that’s what happens when you don’t have good information. I’m gonna show you how to do it. I’m even gonna show you later on how to teach your driver how to drive for you and you’ll look like a pro and you’ll get up without ever taking a fall.

So here we go. The next position you need to learn, whether it’s combo skiing, slalom skiing or wake boarding is what I call the three-point-position. While you’re sitting in the water, you need to learn to sit. If you’re on combo skis, you let your skis wash into your butt. If you’re on a slalom ski, you can let – you can sit down and you’d have one leg behind you or in the ski, either one. But you’re letting this foot come underneath you. You’re basically gonna stay in this position. If you’re on a wake board, you’re gonna have the tip of the board up, but you’re gonna be sitting on the board. The front edge of the board will be up, the front edge of your combo skis will be up, the front edge of your slalom ski will be up. OK, and you’re gonna actually learn to hold this position without fighting it.

The single, biggest mistake that people make, other than they never had a game plan and got their body position right – now, the next problem is that they never learned to harness the power of a good three-point. So here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna actually…the first lesson I’m gonna show you on the water – and this is how I’m gonna show you how to learn without falling…is we’re gonna have you hold on. Then we’re gonna put the boat in gear. That’s equivalent of probably going two or three miles per hour – like walking on dry land. We’re gonna check to make sure you’re not making the common mistakes that people make that don’t know a three-point.

So, you’ve gotta be able to sit here relaxed. Now, your instincts will tell you to push on the board, pull on your arms, stand up and pull in. All those things are wrong. The boat’s going in gear, you sit down and you relax. And because the boat’s not gonna gun it, which is the driving mistake that we’ll clear up later on, we’re just gonna put the boat in gear, and you’re gonna sit there, relax, grip and just ride like that. And when you are really, really comfortable and not fighting it, then you literally will be able to tell the driver OK. He’s gonna pull you up real slowly, and you’re gonna get in your shoulder roll, meat hook, hips forward. If you bend over and pull in, we shut the boat down. And that’s how you keep from falling.

So, that’s your second lesson. Learn the three-point-position. Practice on land, knees together, feet wide, arms relaxed. Ride like that. So practice on dry land, get comfortable in it and get mentally ready.

The first lesson when you get on the water is gonna be to sit in that position, relax, and the boat’s not even gonna accelerate. That’s your second miracle, that’s your second bit of information.

Have a great day!