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Aug 12

How to Use Split Ring Pliers

How To Use Split Ring Pliers (courtesy of JewelrySupply)

A lot of you have been asking exactly how do you open up split rings, or how do you use a split ring plier? It kinds of looks like a chain nose that got a little a, you know, damaged somewhere along the way, but it’s actually very, very useful.

If you look at a split ring, and if you’ve ever tried to open one,you probably found out that you’re gonna rip your thumbnails up pretty quick. A split ring plier, basically, you take the flat end, or the flat jaw, and slide it into the loop. Take the bent jaw – see this right here – and you’re actually gonna line that up just on the other side of one of the split rings, and then press. See? It’s actually gonna open it up for you a little bit. At this point, you would take a jump ring or an end of a clasp, or whatever you’re gonna attach the split ring to and slide it right in there.

Now, at this point, you would just take your fingers and kind of let off on the pressure of the split ring plier a little bit – just so it closes ever so slightly, and then slide it down the split ring a little more. Just keep inching your way down there until it locks into place, and then you’re set! All you have to do is just remove the pliers and it will close on its own!