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May 11

Learn How To Make A Quarter Disappear

Learn How To Make a Quarter Disappear (courtesy of MyQuickTricks.com)

Hey there!

This next effect is a great coin vanish you can use, if you’re gonna entertain somebody and you want to do some really powerful magic that you think will knock their socks off…this next one is the one that you wanna do.

Alright, so here we have a quarter and a piece of paper. And watch – I’m gonna make it vanish – completely.

Gone! You’re not buyin’ it, are you? Ok, check it out. It’s gonna disappear completely. Completely gone. Thank you!

Alright, so it’s arts and crafts time here at My Quick Tricks. For this effect, what you need is possibly a pair of scissors (although I use an exacto knife), an exacto knife, a quarter, a small piece of foil, and you’re also going to need a piece of paper. So, I guess you are gonna need the scissors for at least cutting out the piece of paper. So what you do is you cut out a small, square piece of paper. You can also use a square of tissue paper, or toilet paper – it doesn’t matter…a napkin. Just a small piece of paper – something that will cover up the coin in a little bit.

So we have the square of paper, and then you have the square of foil and the quarter. And, what you’re going to do…this is how we make the quarter for the effect. What you’re going to do is you’re actually going to hold the foil down on the quarter and you just run your finger along the quarter in kind of a circular fashion, like so. And you really want to go around a few times, making sure that the foil doesn’t move. And you can use any coin to do this. A quarter works well because it’s large enough for somebody to see. And you want to make sure that you get all the detail in there – the date, the Liberty word at the top – if you’re using a quarter, George Washington’s hair. Get all that in there.

And now, what you’re going to do is you’re going to trim all of this excess away, using the exacto knife. Be very, very careful with the exacto knife – do not cut yourself – and just trim around the quarter, cutting away all the excess foil…like so. So you’ve trimmed all the excess foil away. And now, with the foil still on the quarter, you just fold the edges around, making a nice, smooth edge. And that’s going to give you your foil quarter.

So now, to do the effect, you take the foil quarter off the real quarter, set the real quarter aside, and you have your foil quarter. So you can show them the foil quarter (let’s clean this up a little bit, here). To do the effect, you display the foil quarter on your hand, you show the piece of paper, you cover it up, and you say, “look, it’s gone!” You snap your fingers, quarter is still there. You’re not buying any of this. You say, “look, if I snap twice, maybe it will work”. You show them no, the quarter is still there. You say, “gosh, I guess this trick just didn’t work”, and now you just crumple everything up – the foil and the piece of paper, into a ball, and show that it’s disappeared.

So that’s how to make a quarter disappear, using a piece of paper. I hope you enjoyed it, and go out there and perform that quick trick and amaze your friends. Thanks so much, and have a great day!