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Jun 22

Learn How To Write A Love Letter

Learn How To Write A Love Letter (courtesy of

How much do you love what’s-her-face? Here’s how to count the ways. You will need:

High quality paper stock
A good pen
And your signature scent!


A calligrapher

Step 1 – Pick out nice, heavy-stock stationery and a pricey pen. An old-fashioned fountain pen is a classy touch.

Step 2 – Put on music that moves you, and, perhaps, place a photo of your love in front of you, for inspiration. If your handwriting will have her wondering why you think her eyes twinkle like dorma and her lips taste like strawbeds, consider hiring a calligrapher!

Step 3 – Start with a loving salutation. Use a pet name, or a term of endearment.

Step 4 – Declare why you love this person, listing as many reasons as you can.

Step 5 – Close your letter with another sentiment of devotion, like, “Forever Yours”.

Step 6 – Check your spelling. Your missive will quickly change from a turn on to a turn off if you write that your lover is “eggsquisit” in all ways! Wait a day or 2, and re-read your letter several times before mailing it, so you can gain some perspective.

Step 7 – Add a final, romantic flourish by sealing the letter the old-fashioned way – with melted wax. And, lightly spraying your signature scent, if you have one. Now, await your love’s reply!

Did you know? Winston Churchill was known for his love letters. One to his first love, Pamela Plowden, was auctioned off in December 2003 for more than $160,000!


Feb 01

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Aug 19

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How To Write Cursive (courtesy of


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