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Jan 30

How to Make a Bow

Learn how to make a bow in this great video from


Jan 19

How To Prevent Common Christmas Disasters

How To Prevent Common Christmas Disasters (courtesy of

With a little forethought, you can avoid many embarrassing, annoying, and downright dangerous holiday mishaps! You will need:

Emergency gifts
A drink limit
Kiss-avoidance strategies
Fishing wire
A computer with internet access
Orange and lemon rinds (optional)

Step 1: Have wrapped, unisex gifts on hand in case you forget someone. This is also useful if someone gives you something that cost twice as much as what you gave them: Just say, “And here’s your other gift!” Pick things you can use if you don’t give them as gifts, or stuff that can hold until next year.

Step 2: Figure out how much alcohol you can drink at the office Christmas party before you’re at risk of doing something you’ll regret. Then stick to your limit.

Step 3: Avoid an unwelcome mistletoe kiss by saying you have a cold – or feigning a cough or sneeze as the person closes in on you.

Step 4: If someone gives you a lousy gift, simply say, “Thank you.” If you pretend to like it, you may get more of the same next year.

Step 5: Prevent an emergency trip to the veterinarian by keeping sweet treats away from dogs and cats. Chocolate toxicity is the most common holiday-related illness for pets. Poinsettias are also poisonous to your four-legged friends.

Step 6: Keep kids and pets from knocking over the Christmas tree by securing it with clear fishing line attached to the treetop and a ceiling hook. If you have a cat, scatter orange and lemon rinds on the tree skirt; most cats hate citrus scents.

Step 7: Don’t panic if you still need gifts and even the drugstores are closed: Just go online, order a gift, and print out a photo of it. On your way out when you realize you’ve forgotten someone? Pick up some movie passes or a gas gift card.

Did you know? The average person gives up on trying to make their new electronic gift work at 11:48 a.m. on Christmas morning, according to a survey!


Nov 16

Learn How To Get Really Creative For The Holidays

How To Get Really Creative For The Holidays (courtesy of

It’s that time of year again, when Jack Frost nips at your nose, and the Grinch’s heart grows 3 times its size. It’s winter in the city, and holiday season everywhere!

Well, hello there, my Threadbanger friends, and welcome to the Décor It Yourself holiday special! If thinking about the upcoming holiday season stresses you out, relax! The holidays aren’t about spending money that none of us have. They’re about spending time with those that we love. So today, we’re gonna create the invitations, décor and gifts to give our loved ones a warm, wintry evening.

Gifts can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season – especially during these hard times. I’m gonna give you 3 easy gift ideas, that cost no more than $10!

For our first gift, we’ll take inspiration from our Earth Day episode, and create a gift by putting a cut plant in a vintage vessel. Who doesn’t need a little extra green, especially during these hard times.

These lovely coasters were made from remnants of fabric from leftover DIY projects. I still get in trouble when I go home to my folk’s house and don’t use a coaster. Sorry, mom!

For our last gift, you’ll need cinnamon sticks, cloves and clementine peels. Place your ingredients into an old mason jar and take a cool dishtowel and wrap it around it. Tie it with a bow, and you have a nice, warm gift of aromatic mulling spices. For more on mulling spices, check out the first episode of Décor It Yourself.

And now, on to my favorite element of any time of year – the décor!

For a quick and classy element of décor, spray a candle with adhesive, roll it in some glitter and place into an old shot glass or decorated vessel.

For our next décor piece, we’ll use our old wire hangars to create cool, seasonal sayings.

And, for the easiest of our décor ideas, take an old mirror and place on it your favorite woodland friends. Add a touch of glitter for a little snow flurry.

For our final low-budget décor piece, we’re gonna put our own spin on an old, kitschy idea. You’ll need some airtight glass containers, a glue gun, some figurines, glycerin, glitter and distilled water.

First, sand the inside of the container’s lid. Glue the feet of your figurine to the inside of the container’s lid and allow to dry.

Add 2 tablespoons of glitter to the vessel and fill with distilled water. To distill water, just boil and allow to cool.

Now, just add one drop of glycerin to the container, close the lid, and use your snowglobe as winter décor, or add a bow, and you have another gift to give!

Now that we have our seasonal décor and our gifts to give, we’re ready to invite our guests. After all, opening your home is a gift in itself! For unique invite ideas, check the DIY weddings episode of Décor It Yourself. But, for the holiday invite, we’re using a polaroid from last years’ Christmas. Look at us – living together in sin!

Well, we’re almost ready for our guests! But, to keep your party stress-free and low budget, choose one signature cocktail and one tasty treat. We’re doing sparkling peach and pomegranate schnapps, along with cookies, cupcakes and pumpkin bread.

I guess it’s time to celebrate!

Well, that was a hit! I’m off to clean up, but be sure to check back the first Wednesday of every month for more nesting. And remember, Your Nest Needs You!


Dec 06

Learn How To Wrap Presents Creatively

How To Wrap A Present Creatively (courtesy of

Become a wrap artist! Learn how to make every present look festive, no matter what shape or size. You will need:

A gift box

Wrapping Paper



A bow or ribbon

Cardboard boxes or balloons


Children’s bedsheets

Chinese takeout containers, empty paper towel rolls or oatmeal canisters

Matching boxes in various sizes

Optional: 2-sided tape

Step 1: Master the basic wrapping technique. Begin by placing the gift box on the paper, top side down. Fold one end of the wrapping paper over the box to see how much paper you’ll need to completely cover it. Add 2 inches to that length and cut the paper there.

Step 2: Center the box, noting how much paper is on the short sides that are going to be folded and taped. Having enough paper to cover 2/3 of those sides when the paper is folded down is ideal. Any more and it will bunch up when you try to fold the edges. If you have excess paper on those sides, push the box to the ideal distance on one side and trim the other side accordingly.

Step 3: Fold one end of the paper over the top of the box. When you’re sure it’s straight, tape it to the box. Then, fold the other end over it and tape again. If one edge of the paper is uneven from being cut, fold it over a bit to create a straight edge. Use double-sided tape for a more polished look.

Step 4: Now, fold the paper down on one of the sides of the box. Tape the diagonals that have been formed and fold them inward. Then, bring the bottom flap up and tape it in the center. Repeat with the other side.

Step 5: Press a stick on bow in the center, or, cut a piece of ribbon that’s about 5 times the length of the gift box and wrap it around the top of the package, lengthwise, until both ends meet in the middle of the bottom of the box. Then, twist them around each other in the center of the box, bring them back up to the top of the package, and make a knot before tying a bow. If the ribbon is ribbed, take a pair of scissors, hold the ribbon ends taut and pull the blade along them, to make curls.

Step 6: Wrap an over-sized present by taking apart some large, cardboard moving boxes and building one, big bottomless box that you can cover in paper and place over the gift. Or, just smother the present in balloons!

Step 7: Wrap gifts with sharp edges in fabric. It won’t tear like paper. Just plop the item in the center, gather the material at the top and tie with a thick ribbon. Fabric shops offer great deals on end of the bolt pieces. Have a big, bulky present for a child? Wrap it in a bedsheet, featuring their favorite cartoon character.

Step 8: Think about everyday items that could hold hard to wrap gifts – chinese take-out containers, empty paper towel rolls, oatmeal canisters.

Step 9: A dramatic way to present 3 or 4 gifts of various sizes is to create a gift tower. Place the presents in matching boxes of descending size. Wrap the boxes in the same or complimentary paper. Stack them, and tie the tower together with ribbon.

Did you know? 19% of Americans say they’d rather clean the house than wrap presents!


Nov 03

Learn How To Tie A Ribbon Gift Bow

How To Tie A Gift Ribbon (courtesy of StampingScoops)


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