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Apr 05

How to Make Wine

Learn how to make homemade wine with this comprehensive recipe from the gift of wine.

Ever wondered just what goes into making wine? This tutorial is clear and in-depth, and will have you making your own wine in no time!


Nov 08

Learn How To Make A Mojito

How To Make A Mojito (courtesy of

Yes, it’s a trendy drink. But on a hot summer evening while drinking with good friends, this cross between the Mint Julep and the Daquiri doesn’t feel like a trend. It feels like destiny. You will need:

2 oz. light or gold rum
Some fresh mint
2 tsp. sugar
A lime cut into 4 wedges
Some soda water
Some ice
A collins glass
A measuring jigger
A muddler
And a spoon

Step 1: Pull off mint leaves. Set 1 mint sprig aside, and pull the leaves off the remaining sprigs. Some mojito recipes call for as many as 2 dozen mint leaves—how many you use depends on how “minty” you want your drink to taste.

Step 2: Add mint, lime & sugar. Line the glass with the leaves and add the 4 lime wedges and the sugar. Gently muddle everything against the sides and bottom with the muddler or back of a spoon. In Cuba, where the mojito originated, just 1 tsp. of powdered sugar is used.

Step 3: Fill the glass with ice.

Step 4: Pour in the rum & mix again.

Step 5: Add soda & garnish. Top off the cocktail with soda water and garnish with a sprig of mint. Mojito!

Did you know? While the Mojito was a favorite of “Carrie” and the gals on Sex & the City in the 1990s, it was also a favorite of Hemingway and the guys in the 1930s.


Oct 05

Learn How To Choose Wine

How To Choose Wine (courtesy of

Hi! My name is Ernie Paquette, and I’m a certified, first level sommelier, and I’m here to talk to you about how to choose a wine.

So, the next time you find yourself in a liquor store and you’re trying to figure out which wine to choose, consider your audience – who are gonna be your dinner guests? Consider what your food is. High acid wines require fat, so, whether it be a white wine or a red wine that has high acid, you’ll need to – let’s say for white you’ll need to choose perhaps shrimp to be the accompanying dish. And, for huge, tannic malbecs, cabernets, you want meat that’s got some fat in it. A nice, thick steak, short ribs, something to that affect.

I’m not a firm believer in white with fish and red with meats. One of the most incredible pairings I’ve ever tasted was a very expensive chardonnay with a venison dish. The accompanying vegetables and starches have to go along with it, but there are no steadfast rules in the pairing of wines with fish. Tuna, for example, is a fish that can easily be paired with red wines…pinot noir, lighter seras. Mahi mahi is also a fish that can be paired with a red wine. It tends to have a little higher fat content, and pairs well with lighter reds.

Sparkling wines can be paired with, perhaps, an oyster or lobster bisque, is a great pairing. A cremant champagne can be used a a dessert wine! So, there are no hard, fast rules about what wine to pair with what food!


May 12

Learn How To Make Homemade Popsicles

Learn How To Make Homemade Popsicles (courtesy of

Hi Everyone! I’m going to show you today how to make really delicious, homemade popsicles. Super quick, really easy, and most importantly, very inexpensive. Today I’m going to show you how to make three different kinds – orange creamsicles, chocolate fudgesicles and strawberry yogurt pops. And I’ll show you everything that you need, and how easy it is to do.

So, for all of these popsicles, you’re going to need, of course, your popsicle containers. Each of these recipes is going to yield twelve popsicles, and first we’re going do the strawberry yogurt pops, which is the most nutritious.

For the strawberry yogurt pops, you’re going to need a package of strawberry jello pudding (that’s about $1.25), you’re going to need a container of strawberry yogurt and two cups of fresh strawberries – but you can also use frozen strawberries. So the first thing you’re going to do is pour the entire contents of your strawberry jello into your blender. Then you’re going to need one cup of boiling water…pour that on top in your blender.

Then you’re going to add a cup and a half of strawberry yogurt, and we’re gonna pour that right on top. Then we’re gonna add two cups of sliced and rinsed – I’m using fresh – strawberries. You can also use frozen strawberries. And we’re ready to blend. And, then, that’s it! You’re ready to pour it into your molds. Again, this is going to make twelve popsicles. The nice thing about yogurt pops is that they’re really nutritious. And then you’re gonna pop your tops on. They’re gonna have to sit in your freezer for about 2 – 2 ½ hours. And you’re done!

The next one is my favorite – it reminds me of being a kid. Orange creamsicles. Really easy. You just need a package of four-serving of orange jello pudding. Pour the entire package in the blender first, and one cup of boiling water on top. And one cup of orange juice – you can use concentrate, freshly squeezed – adds a little bit of healthiness to these. And, then, the best part – four very generous scoops of vanilla ice cream, right in the blender. And then you’re ready to blend it. And then pour it into your molds. And I figure all of these popsicles average about…the yogurt ones might be a little more expensive…but they all average probably about 10 to 15 cents a popsicle, so it really is a big savings. And again, all you have to do now is pop the sticks in.

And the last recipe, Fudgesicles – my kids’ favorite. Always a hit. You’re gonna need a four serving package of jello chocolate pudding, and pour the entire package into the blender. Then you’re going to add two cups of milk – you can use skim milk, whole milk, whatever your preference is, and pour it into the blender. And then four scoops of ice cream. You can use vanilla, chocolate, if there’s no nut allergies, you could even use rocky road or something that has nuts in it…whatever your preference is. And then we’re blending. Fill up your molds, and, again, this makes twelve but I’ve run out of molds, so we are going to make six with it – and we pop our sticks in.

So there you’ve got your Orange Creamsicles, your Strawberry Yogurt Pops and your Chocolate Fudgesicles. Very inexpensive, nutritious and the kids find them really delicious. You’ve got lots of treats on hand for when their friends come over. All you have to do is pop them into the freezer. Hope you enjoyed watching, and I hope you have a great summer – thanks a lot!


Apr 12

Learn How To Make French Press Coffee

How To Make French Press Coffee (courtesy of

Hello! I’m Jasper with Parisi Coffee, and today, we’re gonna show you how to make fabulous coffee, using a press! It’s really very simple.

The first thing we’re gonna do is get some water heated. It doesn’t matter if you use a microwave or the stove top. For this demonstration, we’re gonna use 34 ounces of water. The ideal water temperature for making coffee in a press is between 195 and 200 degrees.

It’s very important to have the right ratio of coffee to water. In a press, we recommend a gram and a half of coarsley ground coffee to every ounce of water. While the water heats, we’ll prepare the press. Take a regular home scale, put the press on it, and zero out the weight. Because this is a 34-ounce press, and our ratio of coffee to water is 1.5 grams of coffee to each ounce of water, I’m gonna put in 51 grams of coffee into the press. If you don’t have a scale, the french press does come with a scoop that holds roughly 7 grams of coffee.

Today, for our coffee, we’re using a Parisi Original Kengua blend. It’s an intense coffee that enhances the palette with a smooth, mellow flavor, rich body and distinctive bouquet. So, how do you know just how coarse the coffee needs to be? One simple way is to go to your nearest grocery store, buy a small amount of coffee beans – maybe a quarter pound – and grind it in the store’s coffee grinder, just like this one. Grind it on the coarse setting. Use this as your control sample, so you know what the coffee should look like when you grind it at home. You want to make sure there’s no coffee in the store’s grinder before you prepare your sample.

Once the water comes to a boil, give it a quick stir, and if you have a kitchen thermometer, check the temperature. Now, all you do is pour your heated water into the press and let it steep for 4 minutes. After about one minute, take a spoon and break the top crust of the coffee and give it a stir. Put the lid on to hold the heat in. Now we wait. Four minutes is just the right amount of time needed to extract the best flavors from the coffee beans.

Now, all you do is push down the press, and you’re ready to serve! Here’s a serving tip…if you make a full press of coffee, take the extra coffee that’s still in the press, and put it in either another press, or a thermal container. If you let the water stay in contact with the coffee for too long, the coffee may become bitter.

If you want to make really high quality coffee for a large dinner party, make as many presses as you need, and pour them into a thermal pot to keep your coffee hot. Enjoy!

Now, that’s a great cup of coffee!


Mar 15

Learn How To Make A Martini

How To Make The Perfect Martini (courtesy of

I’m Allen Katz for, and today, I’m gonna teach you how to make a martini, one of the great classics in American cocktail culture. It’s a very simple cocktail, and, when done properly, is one of the most refreshing drinks that you can serve to you and your guests. It’s a wonderful combination, historically, of Gin (which I know surprises some people) and Dry Vermouth, or French Vermouth.

Now, many people consider a martini to be a combination with vodka and no vermouth at all. But, what we’re gonna try today is this wonderful co-mingling of 2 classic ingredients, that have such a crisp flavor and such a wonderful finish, that I think you’re gonna like this extremely, extremely well.

What we’re gonna start with is some of the essential bar tools:

Mixing glasses, of course
A Bar spoon
Several measuring tools called jiggers

The wonderful thing about preparing a home bar is that all of these tools can be purchased for 25, $30 at most, at a restaurant supply store, at a local liquor store, or even at some specialty food stores that now have cocktail ingredients. It’s quite a lot of fun! So, the simple recipe that I’m gonna try today is:

First, our most important ingredient is ice. We’ll take one mixing glass and fill it with ice.

And, in our 2nd glass, we’ll combine our ingredients. First, the gin. And, of course, ingredients are paramount in a good cocktail. And what you want to start with is a softer gin. Now, gins come in a wide variety, from very fragrant and profound with the juniper perfume and flavor, and you can try that as well. But it’s a fun thing to experiment to see how the variations in a simple cocktail (again, just 2 ingredients) can change, by changing the gin.

So, I’ve got 2½ parts of gin, and I’m gonna do about ½ a part of dry vermouth. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What am I doing with all this vermouth? Now, I’ll be honest – one, I’m a big fan of vermouth. It has a wonderful, fruity flavor. Vermouth is simply an aromatized wine. And really, a great martini is not a martini without vermouth. The idea of waving it over the glass, rinsing the glass with it and throwing it over your shoulder…it’s another cocktail altogether! And if you’ve never had it, get over that fear and try it with dry vermouth.

And, as you can see, all I’m gonna do is stir the cocktail. I know it’s a lot of fun to shake a great cocktail, but for the martini, the idea is just to get it exceedingly cold and a little bit diluted as well. Of course, we’re just using 2 spirits, and so we want to bring down that alcohol content by diluting the ice, adding a little bit of water into the cocktail. So, about 30 seconds,and we’ll be ready to go!

Now, once I’ve stirred the martini, I’m gonna prepare my glass. And, again, with just a little bit of ice and a little bit of residual water, I’m gonna get the martini glass well chilled. If you’re doing this at home, ideally if you have space, put a couple of martini glasses in the freezer. Get them well chilled…it will take 15, 20 seconds…and then, when you’re ready to serve the cocktail, you can take them right from the freezer.

So, we’ve got our martini glass chilled, we’ve got our martini well chilled, and then we’re simply gonna take a strainer…and it’s just a beautiful, clean color. And, even that fragrance of a little bit of vermouth, the gin is not too overpowering, is a wonderful combination. And, to finish it, there are several varieties that you can try. One is an olive, of course. I prefer a little bit of a lemon twist, and I just use a simple vegetable peeler to take a twist. You’re just gonna squeeze gently. If the lemon is fresh, you get some of those essential oils right in over the cocktail, perhaps just taking it to the rim a little bit. And, there you have a wonderful, classic martini!

I’m Alllen Katz for!


Jan 10

Learn How To Make Tea With Loose Herbs

Learn How To Make Tea With Loose Herbs (courtesy of


Dec 28

Learn How To Taste Wine

Learn How To Taste Wine (courtesy of


Oct 15

Learn How To Make Homemade Wine

How To Make Homemade Wine (courtesy of EgyptianPriest)


Mar 16

How to Make Almond Milk

How To Make Almond Milk (courtesy of


Jan 22

How to Make a Hemp Smoothie

How To Make A Hemp Smoothie (courtesy of


Oct 22

How to Make a Cappuccino

How To Make The Perfect Cappuccino (courtesy of


Oct 14

How to Make Chai

How To Make Chai (courtesy of


Jul 16

How to Make a Blueberry Smoothie

In this video learn how to blend a delicious and healthy smoothie with milk, blueberries, and almonds at home.


May 08

How to Open a Bottle of Champagne

Learn how to open a bottle of champagne neatly in this video demonstration from


Apr 09

How to Make Jello Shots

Learn how to make jello shots with an earth-friendly and a vegan twist in this video from GristTV.


Dec 24

How to Make Eggnogg

How To Make Egg Nog (courtesy of

Welcome to Art Of The Drink! My name’s Anthony Caparelli. And, we’re working today with a new drink art girl, Katelyn. So, Katelyn and I are getting ready to go to the daily motion Christmas party, and the folks at Daily Motion gave me a call the other day and ask me to whip up a batch of egg nog, take it to the party and serve it with a whole bunch of drink art girls, so we’re gonna do that. And, of course, I’ve decided on my favorite egg nog recipe, which is Makers Mark. Alright, so let’s give it a try!

Alright, first thing, big bowl and, of course, eggs. There’s a lot of eggs in this egg nog. We’re gonna make about 2 ½ gallons, and I’m gonna actually do a small batch here in front of the camera, and then I’m gonna go in the back and do a huge batch for the party. The small batch has a dozen eggs in it. So, we’re gonna go ahead and start by separating these eggs.

And, if you haven’t separated eggs before, I’ll show you how to do that. It’s really pretty simple. You crack the egg on the bowl, and the key to doing this is not to shatter the egg. You just want to see a nice crack in the egg, and then take one finger – I use my thumb – and you push it down into the egg and then you just pull the egg apart. Now, here’s the tricky part. You need to capture the yolk in half of the egg, so you’re gonna actually use the egg as 2 little cups, and then you’re gonna pass the yolk back and forth a couple times. And, each time you pass the yolk, a little bit more of the white is gonna run out into the bowl. And then eventually, you’re gonna end up with a yolk by itself that is fairly dry and clean of the whites. Now, the key here – what I’m gonna eventually do is, I’m gonna whip the yolks and the whites separately. You need to make sure that in the whites, you get absolutely no yolk. Because if you get yolk in the whites, they won’t foam the way that they’re supposed to – they’ll never form peaks, it’s gonna take forever. So, be sure you do this properly. So, I’m gonna save the yolks, and I’m gonna put the yolks in another bowl. So, I’m gonna go ahead and do this, and, for right now, I’m gonna do 12 eggs – just 12!

OK, so we have a dozen eggs separated. We have whites with no yolk in them, and we have yolk. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna whip these separately. I’m gonna whip the whites first, so that way I don’t have to worry about cleaning this. You don’t want yolk in the white. The other way around is fine. So, I’m gonna go ahead and start with my handy dandy little blender here, and keep this to what is called soft peaks.

Alright, so this is now at what’s called the soft peak stage. It will actually hold its shape if you pick it up you’ll see that it actually holds its shape. So that’s called soft peaks and that’s exactly what you wanna take that to. And this is actually making meringue – if you throw some sugar in there, that’s meringue.

Now, the next thing I want to do is beat the yolks, and I’m gonna do that separately. I’m just gonna beat the yolks real slowly at first so they don’t spatter too badly. And I just wanna get the yolks kind of creamy, and then, I’m gonna add a bunch of sugar.

OK this is getting creamy, and I want to start adding some sugar. If I was doing a full batch, it would be a cup and a half of sugar. I’m just gonna do about ¾ of a cup, ’cause this is a half batch. And, it’s very important when you’re adding sugar to beaten egg yolks that you add the sugar slowly. You don’t want to add the sugar all at once. Get a little sugar in, make sure it’s all incorporated, and then add a little bit more. So, why don’t you add the sugar? That’s half a cup, and then, we’re gonna do a little bit more after that. So now, you want to beat this until it turns very pale yellow.

Ok that looks good – it’s nice and pale yellow, all the sugar has been incorporated. So now what I want to do is go ahead and add the Makers Mark. Why don’t you go ahead and give me that. In a full recipe we put a full bottle. You know what? I’ll let you add the Makers Mark – half a bottle. Perfect! Alright, so I’m just gonna beat this a little bit more.

So now, what we’re gonna do is fold the whites into the yolks. You don’t really have to worry too much about folding this in without collapsing the whites, because you do want to drink this. This isn’t gonna end up being meringue, so if the whites collapse a little bit, that’s not a bad thing. So that’s incorporated very nicely.

Now, we’re gonna make some whipped cream. Heavy cream – again, full recipe, we would use a quart. I’m gonna use a pint ’cause we’re doing a half recipe. And, the whole key to whipped cream is you want it to be really cold. And the colder it is, the faster it is going to turn into whipped cream. Alright, so I’ve got my whipped cream in the soft peak stage, and I am gonna just incorporate the mixture of the whites, the yolks, the Makers Mark with the sugar, into the whipped cream. It’s all gonna be together. Beautiful! And this all gets combined.

And, the final ingredient, because this is a little too low-cal the way it is, we’re gonna put in some whole milk. The colder the better. Full recipe would be a quart, and this recipe, and half recipe, is gonna be a pint, so go ahead and put half of that in here. Beautiful! What do you think? Alright – that’s perfect.

Then one more just good blend around to make sure that everything is nice and mixed – blended, and that is our Makers Mark egg nog, all ready to go! So, all we need to do now, is get this to the city, get it in a punch bowl and grate some fresh nutmeg over the top. That’s important – and we’re all set!


Feb 29

How to Open a Bottle of Champagne

Look like a pro, learn how to open a bottle of champagne in this easy to follow video from


Nov 08

How to Make Hot Buttered Cider

How To Make Hot Buttered Cider (courtesy of

Welcome to the Art Of The Drink video podcast! My name is Anthony Caparelli, and this week, as part of our AOTD on the road November series, I am working with my wonderful sister-in-law Nola, and we have Thanksgiving this week! So, we’re gonna make my famous Thanksgiving Hot Buttered Cider, which is a cranapple cider-based drink, that has a little bit of bourbon in it. You know, when we talk bourbon in a drink, we’re talking Maker’s Mark – my favorite bourbon! This is a perfect drink to make after Thanksgiving meal, before Thanksgiving meal, it’s terrific for the fall. The bourbon in it is gonna help you feel a little bit less full after pigging out on turkey – it’s just a great drink.

So, what I want to do first, we’re gonna actually finish the drink with a dollop of fresh whip cream. I want to go ahead and get that made. I talked about making this before on the podcasts, but I haven’t actually shown people how to make it, so I want to do that. Real easy to make, and I make this instead of Ready Whip every time. Start with 1 cup of heavy whipping cream. And the secret to making this so easy on yourself is use cold cream – put it in the fridge at least overnight. OK so 1 cup of heavy cream into a mixing bowl. And then, you want confectioner’s sugar – not granulated – you want powdered or confectioner’s sugar. How much you put in is up to you, obviously. I like about 2 tablespoons per cup of cream, so I’m just gonna go ahead and put that in there. And, hand mix, that’s all you’re gonna do.

Now, the key here is to start it slow, or you’re gonna end up covered in cream! So, I’m gonna start it real slow. I’m gonna put it in there and work it around, very gently. And, what’s gonna happen is, the cream is gonna thicken up. As it thickens up, I will increase the speed of the blender very, very slowly. It doesn’t take long – this whole thing takes maybe 4 minutes.

For this drink, what I want to do is take it to just softer than whipped cream. I want to basically just thicken this. You can see, the cream right now is starting to hold the shape of the mixer blades. So, right about there, is where I want to stop. You can see the cream is just barely holding form as the mixer passes through. I’m gonna slow it down, and then lift it gently out. That is a little soft for whipped cream, but that is exactly the consistency that I want.

This is gonna serve 4. So, let’s start with 4 cups of apple cider. Beautiful! Let’s do one cup of cranberry, because this is a cranapple cider, alright? Now, it’s important to use apple cider and not apple juice if you want this to work. Terrific! Now, let’s turn the stove on high. Now we want to sweeten this a little, and maple syrup is the key. Use real maple syrup, not the artificial stuff! 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Awesome!

Alright, now, here we have a stick of fresh cinnamon, 6 cloves and fresh nutmeg, so go ahead and put in the cinnamon and the cloves, and we’re gonna grate the nutmeg. This is just a standard cheese grater – we’re gonna use the fine holes – and I want you to do about 5 grates of the nutmeg. Right in it. Perfect! And, I said it was hot buttered cider, so let’s go and put in 2 pats of butter.

OK, so what you wanna do is just stir this gently. You want to bring it to a simmer, and simmer it for 3 to 4 minutes. Alright, you can see that it’s just starting to simmer – the bubbles are just starting to break the surface. We don’t actually want to bring it to a boil, like I said, bring this to a simmer for a couple of minutes. We want the cloves and cinnamon and the nutmeg to kind of get all nice a cooked in there, get all those essential oils released in there and flavor that cider.

Terrific! So, we have 2 coffee mugs, just go ahead and ladle it in! I’ll take that off your hands. Now, because this is Art Of The Drink, right, I said we had bourbon and I said we had whipped cream. Let’s go ahead and turn this down so we don’t scorch that cider, and get the bourbon. You can put a shot, which is an ounce and a quarter. I actually like a little bit less – I like just an ounce – but it’s completely to taste.

I did not put the bourbon in before I took it off the heat, because if I would have, all the alcohol would have evaporated. So I take it off the heat first, put it in the cup, and then I add the bourbon. And if you will hit me with just a spoonful of fresh whipped cream – nice! That looks good!

And that is our Thanksgiving Hot Buttered Cider! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Salude!


Aug 25

How to Make Blueberry Coconut Smoothie

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Jul 26

How to Prepare Maccha

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Apr 20

How to be More Healthy: Heart Health

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Apr 07

How to Make a Mango Lassi

Learn how to make a Mango Lassi with this video from sfehmi. Yum!


Jan 08

How to Make Jello Shots

Who says Jello’s just for kids? Learn how to make Jello shots with this simple video from heathervescent! Jello for grown ups!!


Dec 05

How to Assemble a Samson Juicer

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Dec 05

How to Clean a Samson Juicer

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Dec 04

How to Disassemble a Samson Juicer

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Nov 30

How to Make Easy Food for a Holiday Party

Here’s a great “how to” video showing you how to make easy food (appetizers and desserts) for a complete holiday party! This how to make easy food for holiday entertaining features Marc Silverstein of the Food Network.


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