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Aug 01

Learn How To Do A Party Trick With Wine

How To Do The Wine Into an Upside-down Glass Party Trick (courtesy of

Bet your friends that you can make wine magically go into an upside-down glass, and the next round will be on them! You will need:

A dish or shallow bowl
Small candle or tea light
¼ full glass of wine


A cherry

Step 1 – Light the candle and drip wax into the center of the dish. Place the candle on the wax so that it sticks. You can get a cherry from the bartender and light the stem, instead of using a candle.

Step 2 – Pour the wine into the dish. Red wine is best, so everyone can clearly see the wine going into the glass.

Step 3 – Place the wine glass upside-down directly over the candle.

Step 4 – Watch in amazement as the wine is drawn into the glass as the candle goes out, creating a vacuum.

Step 5 – Flip over the glass, holding the dish on top. Remove the dish, and the wine is now fully in the glass! Bottoms Up!

Did you know? Treading grapes by foot is still the technique used to produce a small quantity of high quality port wines!


Jul 14

Learn How To Make A Coin Disappear

How To Make A Coin Disappear (courtesy of

You may have seen this one a million times, but now, it’s your turn to pull the quarter out of somebody else’s ear! You will need:

A table or flat surface
An isolated seat or position, and
A coin, preferably a quarter.


A napkin

Step 1 – Place a coin on the surface about a foot in front of you, and announce that you’re going to perform a magic trick, but don’t say what it is.

Step 2 – Casually, reach toward the coin, covering most of it with your first 3 fingers, and slide it along the surface toward yourself.

Step 3 – When it reached the edge of the surface, simply let the coin drop. However, pretend it’s still in your hand, as you raise it to eye level, holding it between your thumb and first two fingers. It’s easier to perform this trick while sitting, so the coin can drop onto your lap. And, if you can have a napkin in place to catch it, even better!

Step 4 – Show the coin to your friends. As long as you make some distracting chatter and keep your hand moving, they’ll think they’re seeing it!

Step 5 – Now, move the imaginary coin to your other hand and make a fist, as if that hand now holds the coin. Make a point of showing the audience that the hand that previously held the imaginary coin is now empty.

Step 6 – With a flourish, show that both hands are empty. Just make sure the dropped coin is nowhere in site!

Did you know? David Copperfield is the highest paid magician of all time, pulling in about $80 million dollars a year!


Jul 06

Learn How To Read Minds

How To Read People’s Minds (courtesy of

We can’t really tell you how to become a mind reader, but we can teach you how to make some impressively accurate guesses, based on psychics’ tricks of the trade! You will need:

A pleasant demeanor

A keen eye

Leading statements

Listening skills

A knowledge of human nature

And the ability to read body language.

Step 1 – Use your body language to make the person comfortable around you. Smile, tilt your head to one side when you’re listening to them, keep your arms unfolded and point your torso and feet toward theirs.

Step 2 – Gauge how relaxed they are by reading their palms. Are their hands tightly clinched? When you shake their hand, is it cold and clammy, or hot and sweaty? All indicate unease.

Step 3 – Study their face. Specifically, the upper portion. A fake smile does not reach the eyes, so if the area around the eyes remains smooth and uncrinkled, the smiling person may really be feeling nervous or skeptical. Of course, too much botox might throw off this test!

Step 4 – Make a general statement that will help you fish for information. Something vague, that could apply to anyone, at anytime, like “you’re worried about something, aren’t you?”, or “you’re concerned about a relationship” or “something has been on your mind, lately”.

Step 5 – Listen carefully to their responses, so you can tweak your tactics accordingly. If they get emotional, you know you’ve hit a nerve. Keep digging! If not, switch to another subject. Use a psychic trick, known as the “Barnum Reading”, named after PT’s philosophy of offering something for everyone. Describe the person in safe, even-handed terms, like “you can be quiet, but when you want to, you can become the life of the party”. Watch for physical flickers of recognition, so you know what to zero in on.

Step 6 – Look for “micro expressions”, those blink-and-you-miss-them, involuntary movements that betray a person’s real feelings. For example, the person who lies when he says he’s not worried about something, will nod his head up and down, almost imperceptibly, during the denial.

Step 7 – Ask the person about something that almost everyone has in common – like a box of old photos. Then, use the response to tease out more information. Other items that a high percentage of people will identify with are:

A scar on the knee,
A meaningful piece of jewelry,
A childhood incident involving water, and
Keys that you can no longer match to anything.

Step 8 – Learn basic body language:

A person with his hands clasped behind his back or behind his head is confident.

Crossed arms indicate dislike, or guardedness.

A man with his thumbs hooked in his pants pocket is showing his sexual availability.

Ditto for a woman who plays with her hair and entwines her legs.

Step 9 – Mirror the person’s movements. If they’re cupping their chin with their hand, you do the same, to establish intimacy. It not only will help to read them better, it will make them more prone to open up to you.

Did you know? Psychic debunker James Randi has a standing offer of $1 million to anyone who can prove the existence of psychic powers!


May 11

Learn How To Make A Quarter Disappear

Learn How To Make a Quarter Disappear (courtesy of

Hey there!

This next effect is a great coin vanish you can use, if you’re gonna entertain somebody and you want to do some really powerful magic that you think will knock their socks off…this next one is the one that you wanna do.

Alright, so here we have a quarter and a piece of paper. And watch – I’m gonna make it vanish – completely.

Gone! You’re not buyin’ it, are you? Ok, check it out. It’s gonna disappear completely. Completely gone. Thank you!

Alright, so it’s arts and crafts time here at My Quick Tricks. For this effect, what you need is possibly a pair of scissors (although I use an exacto knife), an exacto knife, a quarter, a small piece of foil, and you’re also going to need a piece of paper. So, I guess you are gonna need the scissors for at least cutting out the piece of paper. So what you do is you cut out a small, square piece of paper. You can also use a square of tissue paper, or toilet paper – it doesn’t matter…a napkin. Just a small piece of paper – something that will cover up the coin in a little bit.

So we have the square of paper, and then you have the square of foil and the quarter. And, what you’re going to do…this is how we make the quarter for the effect. What you’re going to do is you’re actually going to hold the foil down on the quarter and you just run your finger along the quarter in kind of a circular fashion, like so. And you really want to go around a few times, making sure that the foil doesn’t move. And you can use any coin to do this. A quarter works well because it’s large enough for somebody to see. And you want to make sure that you get all the detail in there – the date, the Liberty word at the top – if you’re using a quarter, George Washington’s hair. Get all that in there.

And now, what you’re going to do is you’re going to trim all of this excess away, using the exacto knife. Be very, very careful with the exacto knife – do not cut yourself – and just trim around the quarter, cutting away all the excess foil…like so. So you’ve trimmed all the excess foil away. And now, with the foil still on the quarter, you just fold the edges around, making a nice, smooth edge. And that’s going to give you your foil quarter.

So now, to do the effect, you take the foil quarter off the real quarter, set the real quarter aside, and you have your foil quarter. So you can show them the foil quarter (let’s clean this up a little bit, here). To do the effect, you display the foil quarter on your hand, you show the piece of paper, you cover it up, and you say, “look, it’s gone!” You snap your fingers, quarter is still there. You’re not buying any of this. You say, “look, if I snap twice, maybe it will work”. You show them no, the quarter is still there. You say, “gosh, I guess this trick just didn’t work”, and now you just crumple everything up – the foil and the piece of paper, into a ball, and show that it’s disappeared.

So that’s how to make a quarter disappear, using a piece of paper. I hope you enjoyed it, and go out there and perform that quick trick and amaze your friends. Thanks so much, and have a great day!


Dec 02

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Nov 28

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