Jan 24

How To Do A Classic Bridal UpDo

How To Do A Classic Bridal Up-Do (courtesy of VideoHairstyles.com)

Hi! We’re back with Ashley Matthews, and we’re gonna go ahead and do a classic updo on her. Really simple, easy style to achieve at home!

We’ve already taken a small section out here, right in the crown and just teased it lightly from underneath, and then just sprayed the top. That will give her a little bit of volume right here at the crown.

We’re gonna pull out this bang section, ’cause we’re gonna deal with that a little bit later. So, taking from the ear, also leaving a little piece down, we’re gonna start combing this hair all the way to the back, just kind of smoothing as you go. And, we’re gonna do the same thing with the other side, taking all of this hair back, leaving just a little bit right by the ear. Pulling it all the way back into a small, low ponytail, smoothing all of that hair as you go. Being very careful that you don’t pull out all of this hair on top that you’ve already teased.

Okay, you take that section of hair, and, what you’re gonna do is start twisting it towards the scalp, and you’re gonna start pinning as you go. Just continue to pin this all the way up the style, so it stays nice and secure.

Now, you have a few options, You can either leave the hair out on top, as one variation. Or, you can take this hair and just kind of tuck it underneath, into the style. Take some hairpins and just secure, taking the comb at the same time and just smoothing and swirling it around.

I’m taking the comb and almost laying it completely flat against the head, and just smooth the hair. That won’t cause any friction or upset any of the teasing that we did. And same thing on the other side, and the comb flat against the head, and smooth and tuck all the way back. I’m just taking some pins in that top section and really smoothing that over. I think I’ll also leave that little piece out by the ear.

Now, I’ll take that bang section that we already left out from the beginning. Teasing from underneath, have the comb about a ½ inch from the scalp and push directly forward. Then, smooth the top out there. Now, you can also leave this bang out, if you’d like, as a variation. I’m gonna put just a small pin right behind the ear, and get that section rounded. Now, I’m just gonna do that again on the other side. Leave out the little small section by the ear.

That’s a quick, easy rendition for an updo style, or a style for a night out on the town!



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