May 11

How to Install a Light Switch

How To Install A Light Switch (courtesy of AskTheBuilder)

Light switch wiring is easy! Hi, I’m Tim Carter from Ask The, and wiring a light switch yourself can save you lots of money. Remember, when working with high-voltage electric, always turn off the circuit breaker to prevent electrocution. You might wonder how to wire a light switch, so, let’s take one apart while the walls are opened up in this kitchen remodeling job, so you can see how the wires are connected to the switch.

A regular wall switch has 2 screws, plus the green grounding screw. The black wire that is always hot or energized, well it connects to the one screw. And the other black wire that goes up to the light fixture – it connects to the 2nd screw. It doesn’t make any different which wire connects to which screw. Be sure to loop the wire on to the switch screw correctly. As the screw tightens, the end of the wire should close up the loop.

Connect the bare, copper grounding wire to the green grounding screw.

Switch wiring is easy! Go ahead, start wiring your light switch now! I’m Tim Carter for



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