Feb 10

How To Make DIY Glitter Shoes

How To Make DIY Glitter Shoes (courtesy of SweetRainbowChannel)

Hi guys! Have some old shoes lying around? Now you can make your own glitter shoes! I just did mine in purple. They were just some regular black shoes. You will need:


Acrylic Paint

Decoupage Glue

And, some brushes, of course!

Now, first, paint your shoes with the acrylic paint you’ve chosen. I did mine in silver. Do this by sections, so the paint won’t dry before you put the glitter on.

Now, pour your glitter on the painted section – don’t be afraid! You’re not going to waste the extra glitter that’s falling. You can always put it back into the container. That’s why you should work with an old sheet of paper under your shoe.

Now, repeat the process until you’ve painted all the shoe. And, there you go!

Mine were just like this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this material – thanks for watching!



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