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How to Make Eggnogg

How To Make Egg Nog (courtesy of

Welcome to Art Of The Drink! My name’s Anthony Caparelli. And, we’re working today with a new drink art girl, Katelyn. So, Katelyn and I are getting ready to go to the daily motion Christmas party, and the folks at Daily Motion gave me a call the other day and ask me to whip up a batch of egg nog, take it to the party and serve it with a whole bunch of drink art girls, so we’re gonna do that. And, of course, I’ve decided on my favorite egg nog recipe, which is Makers Mark. Alright, so let’s give it a try!

Alright, first thing, big bowl and, of course, eggs. There’s a lot of eggs in this egg nog. We’re gonna make about 2 ½ gallons, and I’m gonna actually do a small batch here in front of the camera, and then I’m gonna go in the back and do a huge batch for the party. The small batch has a dozen eggs in it. So, we’re gonna go ahead and start by separating these eggs.

And, if you haven’t separated eggs before, I’ll show you how to do that. It’s really pretty simple. You crack the egg on the bowl, and the key to doing this is not to shatter the egg. You just want to see a nice crack in the egg, and then take one finger – I use my thumb – and you push it down into the egg and then you just pull the egg apart. Now, here’s the tricky part. You need to capture the yolk in half of the egg, so you’re gonna actually use the egg as 2 little cups, and then you’re gonna pass the yolk back and forth a couple times. And, each time you pass the yolk, a little bit more of the white is gonna run out into the bowl. And then eventually, you’re gonna end up with a yolk by itself that is fairly dry and clean of the whites. Now, the key here – what I’m gonna eventually do is, I’m gonna whip the yolks and the whites separately. You need to make sure that in the whites, you get absolutely no yolk. Because if you get yolk in the whites, they won’t foam the way that they’re supposed to – they’ll never form peaks, it’s gonna take forever. So, be sure you do this properly. So, I’m gonna save the yolks, and I’m gonna put the yolks in another bowl. So, I’m gonna go ahead and do this, and, for right now, I’m gonna do 12 eggs – just 12!

OK, so we have a dozen eggs separated. We have whites with no yolk in them, and we have yolk. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna whip these separately. I’m gonna whip the whites first, so that way I don’t have to worry about cleaning this. You don’t want yolk in the white. The other way around is fine. So, I’m gonna go ahead and start with my handy dandy little blender here, and keep this to what is called soft peaks.

Alright, so this is now at what’s called the soft peak stage. It will actually hold its shape if you pick it up you’ll see that it actually holds its shape. So that’s called soft peaks and that’s exactly what you wanna take that to. And this is actually making meringue – if you throw some sugar in there, that’s meringue.

Now, the next thing I want to do is beat the yolks, and I’m gonna do that separately. I’m just gonna beat the yolks real slowly at first so they don’t spatter too badly. And I just wanna get the yolks kind of creamy, and then, I’m gonna add a bunch of sugar.

OK this is getting creamy, and I want to start adding some sugar. If I was doing a full batch, it would be a cup and a half of sugar. I’m just gonna do about ¾ of a cup, ’cause this is a half batch. And, it’s very important when you’re adding sugar to beaten egg yolks that you add the sugar slowly. You don’t want to add the sugar all at once. Get a little sugar in, make sure it’s all incorporated, and then add a little bit more. So, why don’t you add the sugar? That’s half a cup, and then, we’re gonna do a little bit more after that. So now, you want to beat this until it turns very pale yellow.

Ok that looks good – it’s nice and pale yellow, all the sugar has been incorporated. So now what I want to do is go ahead and add the Makers Mark. Why don’t you go ahead and give me that. In a full recipe we put a full bottle. You know what? I’ll let you add the Makers Mark – half a bottle. Perfect! Alright, so I’m just gonna beat this a little bit more.

So now, what we’re gonna do is fold the whites into the yolks. You don’t really have to worry too much about folding this in without collapsing the whites, because you do want to drink this. This isn’t gonna end up being meringue, so if the whites collapse a little bit, that’s not a bad thing. So that’s incorporated very nicely.

Now, we’re gonna make some whipped cream. Heavy cream – again, full recipe, we would use a quart. I’m gonna use a pint ’cause we’re doing a half recipe. And, the whole key to whipped cream is you want it to be really cold. And the colder it is, the faster it is going to turn into whipped cream. Alright, so I’ve got my whipped cream in the soft peak stage, and I am gonna just incorporate the mixture of the whites, the yolks, the Makers Mark with the sugar, into the whipped cream. It’s all gonna be together. Beautiful! And this all gets combined.

And, the final ingredient, because this is a little too low-cal the way it is, we’re gonna put in some whole milk. The colder the better. Full recipe would be a quart, and this recipe, and half recipe, is gonna be a pint, so go ahead and put half of that in here. Beautiful! What do you think? Alright – that’s perfect.

Then one more just good blend around to make sure that everything is nice and mixed – blended, and that is our Makers Mark egg nog, all ready to go! So, all we need to do now, is get this to the city, get it in a punch bowl and grate some fresh nutmeg over the top. That’s important – and we’re all set!



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