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How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget (

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Hey there! Getting married? Well, unless your wedding involves a judge, a witness and 2 rings from a cracker jack box, chances are you’re going to have to make some strategic decisions to make sure your big day doesn’t leave you in big debt.

First things first: When and When. For most couples, this should be between May and September, from late afternoon to early evening. Sure, this is a popular answer, but it isn’t the most cost effective; not to mention, that you’ll be competing with every other couple on the continent for locations and vendors. recommends thinking outside the box on this one, by picking a date outside peak wedding season to save you money. Also, a ceremony earlier in the day, with a daylight hour reception to follow, means the spread need not be as elaborate. No need for a full open bar at 1pm!

In terms of the Where, grooms should be on the look out for reception locations that are in close proximity to the ceremony. If you’re on the same property, all the better! This will cut down on transportation costs, and makes sure that no one gets lost along the way!

One of the most trying steps on the road to matrimony can be formulating the guest list. She wants 400 guests, and you want immediate family and your 10 closest friends each. While neither of you are right or wrong in wanting the amount of people that you do, you will have to come to some sort of compromise. And remember, each guest comes with a price tag attached! And, as’s Eco Chic Expert Emily Anderson says, not everyone you invite wants to be invited! If you feel obligated to invite someone that you haven’t spoken to in recent years, or, feel on the fence about someone in general, chances are they’re going to feel the same way when their invitation arrives. Why not make this event about only those people that you feel really close to, and avoid all that awkwardness? When your invitations do go out, why not ask guests to RSVP by telephone or email? This will save money and paper, as an alternative to self-addressed, stamped envelopes.

Flowers. Decorations. Gifts. These are the things that make your mind go blank. Wake Up! While you can probably do without these things, chances, are, your bride can’t! And, since you only do this once, why not do it right? But, right doesn’t mean you need to spend the farm! If you and your bride decide to splurge on the best band in town, why not choose a reception hall that’s already beautiful and ornate, so you guys can save yourself some cash on decorations?

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