Apr 01

How to Use Caulk

How To Use Caulk (courtesy of Ask The Builder)

You might think that when you’re getting ready to paint the inside of a room – both the walls, the woodwork, the trim, everything else – that to get a great job instead of a good job, that the 2 most important tools are the roller and the paintbrush. Guess what? You’re wrong! The most important tool to use, before you even get started, is a caulk gun. The reason that the caulk gun is son important, is that you use this tool to fill all those troublesome gaps between the woodwork and the wall. If you don’t fill those before you paint, after you’re finished painting, it just looks really tacky!

The key to caulking is to make sure that the size of the hole where the caulk comes out of the tube is just right. So, cut off little pieces of the tube, until you start to expose the end of the tube, to get the hole just right.

You want the size of the hole at the end of the caulk tube to match the width of the crack.

You need to make sure before you actually caulk that you purchase the right caulk. Look for one that says siliconized acrylic, or paintable. And, once you’ve got the tip cut, it’s time to caulk!

Simply take the caulk gun and put it right at the crack, and start to gently squeeze the trigger until a small amount of caulk comes out. Don’t put on too much; there’s no need for a lot of caulk.

Stop the caulk gun. Then, take your finger and use it to go ahead and smooth the caulk inside the joint. But, you’re not finished yet! You take a sponge with very little water in it, and a couple of strokes down the caulk joint, and you are good to go!

Caulking is really simple, and makes a big difference on your paint project! I’m Tim Carter, with AskTheBuilder.com!



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