Jan 19

Learn How To Apply Reflexology

Learn How To Apply Reflexology (courtesy of MTTI.net)

Hi! I’m Kristin Phillips, and I’m an instructor at MTTI Wellspring, and I’m going to demonstrate a foot massage.

So, the first thing you want to do when you massage someone’s feet…make sure your hands are nice and warm. You have a little bit of cream or lotion on your hands, and you want to begin by just warming up the foot with a nice, gentle, gliding stroke. So you can see, I’m coming from the bottom of the leg, off the foot, and I’m coming to the bottom of the foot as well. Get all of the surfaces of the foot. So, this is just a warm up with a nice, gliding stroke.

The next stroke I’m going to do is called fleuring. You’re going to take your hands on top of the foot, with your thumbs together, your fingers are underneath the foot to stabilize, and you’re going to spread apart – spread your hands apart, from the center on out. This is a fleuring, or a broadening stroke.

Now, we’re going to come down into the toes, and we’re going to do some friction. We’re going to rub the toes. We call this a coin rub friction. Off the end of the toes, with a little bit of stretch. When you get to the end of that toe, give it a little stretch. Little bit of a stretch. You can switch hands if you want – if that’s more comfortable.

Now, we’re going to drain the bottom of the foot. You can kneel down for this if you like to. I’m gonna do this with supported thumbs. So, I’m gonna have one thumb on the bottom, and one thumb on the top. I’m gonna follow just underneath the big toe, and I’m going to do a nice, deep glide with my thumbs, all the way down to the heel. And I’m gonna go down each toe and do that.

You have over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet, so when you give someone a foot massage, it can be very, very relaxing. It can really soothe your nervous system. So, that’s draining.

Then, come back up and do a stretch. We stretch the foot back toward the leg. Just a gentle stretch, and hold that for a couple of seconds. And now, gently stretch the foot down toward the table. And this is just very gentle.

Now, we’ve worked on the bottom of the foot. We can also work on the top with some deep glides. Do a nice little finishing, gliding stroke, and hold at the ankle and give the leg a nice stretch.



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