Jul 18

Learn How To Deal With Bullies

Learn How To Deal With Bullies (courtesy of Howcast.com

Unfortunately, almost everyone faces a bully now and then. But, we’re gonna teach you how to take their fun away! You will need:

A sport
And an adult to speak with

Step 1 – Make it more difficult for bullies to bother you by avoiding them. Take a different route to and from school, and sit far away from them in the cafeteria.

Step 2 – Find a friend…preferably a BIG friend, and start hanging out with them! Two is always better than one!

Step 3 – The next time a bully taunts you, do your best to ignore him. Stand tall, but don’t engage him. Remember, bullies get their jollies out of seeing you get scared or mad. If you show no reaction, they’ll probably move on. Do your absolute best not to fight back or try to get revenge. That’s just stooping to their level.

Step 4 – If you get jumped by a group of bullies and there’s no other way out, go for the biggest one. If you can take him out, the rest will run.

Step 5 – Build up your confidence, not to mention your strength, by taking up a sport. At the very least, start working out.

Step 6 – If the bully won’t stop, get an adult’s help. Speak to a teacher, parent or other authority figure. You shouldn’t have to live in fear!

Did you know? Almost 1/3 of kids in the United States are involved in bullying, either as a bully, or a victim.



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