Oct 19

Learn How To Decorate For Halloween For Under $20

Halloween Decorating Tips for under $20 (courtesy of Mommaair)

Hi! I’m so glad you made it! I just got back from the dollar store and decided to show you some really cute things to make under $20 for your house for Halloween. Come on in!

OK, I’m ready to show you the supplies that I bought, and remember, this is all from the dollar store, or it’s things that I just had laying around my house that I know you have laying around your house as well! So, what you’re gonna need:

Some Black Crepe Paper

Skeleton Garland

Some Foil Skeletons and Pumpkins

Burlap Fabric

Foam Wreath

Yes, a video tape – I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do with this –

Empty Root Beer Bottles

Creepy Cloth – like a mesh, black

Spiderweb Cloth

Some Little Spiders With Skeletons

Corrugated Cardboard

I also went out to my own yard and just clipped some dried flowers that obviously, have kind of withered, but I’m gonna use these

And then, I got some pots at the dollar store, and I have already gone ahead and painted those with black craft paint – I just did a really, quick wash of craft paint. So, I’m excited to get started! Let me show you the areas we’re gonna work on.

Here’s a quick glance of our 2 areas before we do the decorating – the table and the chest. What you’re gonna do first is you’re gonna take this tape and you’re gonna wrap it around the wreath. I’ve wrapped it around all the way. And then, you’re gonna take your crepe paper and you’re gonna make a flower. And, it’s really, really easy. All you’re gonna do is gather – bunch it around, making it as big or small as you like, and then you’re just gonna straight pin it on. There’s the finished product!

Next, the burlap. I’m gonna use this for several things. I’m gonna use this to cover the pictures in my family room. Artwork that you don’t like. I’m also using it to cover my candles. So, I’ve cut some strips and it’s very easy to fray. Once you cut it, just go ahead and pull out strings. Save these strings, ’cause we’re gonna use these later to tie on things. So, all you do is wrap it around, and then I used one of the burlap strings, and then I took one of my little creatures and hot glued it on. I also used the burlap as a runner, and then I made almost ribbon out of the burlap, and I’m gonna use this to tie on the pots.

So, for your pots, I took the corrugated cardboard. You’re just gonna wrap the burlap ribbon around, tie a messy knot. Then, I disassembled the garlands, and you’re just gonna tie that on – use another piece of the burlap string.

The last thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna make your ribbons for the root beer bottles. It’s really easy – takes – you’re just gonna loop it around, like this. Take a piece of craft wire, and I’ve combined…I’ve done it 3 different times and overlapped them. Then, I’ve gone ahead and put them on the beer bottle. There’s the skeleton garland, and I’m gonna use these all around. I cut these. Instead of keeping it as a garland, I cut these individual, put them on the root beer bottles, and then, if you saw a crazy lady at the side of the road picking sunflowers, that was me! Fill these with sunflowers. And the thing that makes all this work, even though it’s little and it’s all from the dollar store, you’re using a lot of it. And so, when you have a lot of little things, it makes a big impact.

Last thing is this creepy cloth. I’m gonna use this as part of the table runner and also on my light fixtures. We’ll show you how to do that.

OK, we’re out of time, but I am so excited to show you the final product. So, if you take these ideas and then add them to your existing Halloween décor, I think you are gonna have a really cute décor, but really affordable.



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