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Learn How To Give Yourself A Manicure

How To Give Yourself A Manicure (courtesy of

Nothing beats being pampered in a salon, but all of those professional manicures can add up!. Try at home with these tips from the pros! You will need:

Dishwasher or some Disinfectant
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Balls
Nail Clippers
Emery Board
Warm, Soapy Water
Shallow Bowl
Cuticle Oil or Cream
Orange Sticks
Half a Lemon
Hand Cream
Hot, Damp Towel
Clear Base Coat
Colored Nail Polish
Clear Top Coat

Step 1: Take off any rings and set them aside until you’re through and your nails are dry.

Step 2: Make sure all reusable tools are clean. Run them through the dishwasher or clean them with a disinfectant before starting. Lay out all of your materials that you will need for easy access. Once your nails are wet, you don’t want to have to dig through a makeup bag to find something!

Step 3: If there is any old polish on your nails, remove it with a cotton ball soaked in remover.

Step 4: Trim your mails with a clipper if they’re on the longer side, and then shape them with the emery board, into ovals or rounded squares. Start on one side of the nail and use short strokes in one direction only, toward the center of the nail. And then repeat on the other side of the nail.

Step 5: Soak your fingers in a bowl filled with warm, soapy water for 2 minutes, and then dry your hands.

Step 6: Massage cuticle oil or cream into your cuticles to soften them further.

Step 7: Pull off a small piece of a cotton ball and wrap it around the tip of an orange stick. Soak it in nail polish remover, and use this to remove any dirt or lingering polish under your nails.

Step 8: Push back your cuticles with the orange stick. Use a new, disposable one, or wash the one you’ve just used. Never cut your cuticles! It can lead to infection.

Step 9: Trim any dead hangnails with your clippers. To nourish your nails and make the tips whiter, dip them into half a lemon.

Step 10: Rub on hand cream to moisturize your hands and cuticles.

Step 11: Wrap your hands in a hot towel for a minute, to help the cream soak in.

Step 12: Wipe your nails with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. They must be oil-free for the base coat to adhere properly.

Step 13: Apply a base coat of a colorless nail polish and allow it to dry. Leave your base coat just a little tacky, and apply a little on the underside of the tip. It will help the colored polish resist to chipping.

Step 14: Rotate your bottle of colored polish so the mixing ball in it stirs the polish. But don’t shake! That will create bubbles which will end up marring the finish on your nails.

Step 15: Remove the wand from your colored polish, wiping one edge of the brush against the opening of the bottle, to remove excess polish.

Step 16: Place the brush in the middle of your nail, almost at the base of your cuticle. Back the brush up, until the color just reaches the cuticle, then pull it forward to the end of your nail.

Step 17: Repeat this to the right and left of the center stripe, dunking and wiping the bottle on the brush each time. So, the entire nail is covered in 3 strokes! Have an orange stick handy. Use it to wipe off any polish mistakes, while they’re still wet. Wet it with a little polish remover for big or stubborn mistakes.

Step 18: Continue polishing all your nails and let them dry completely.

Step 19: Add a 2nd coat of colored polish in the same way, and let them dry completely again. Dip your nails in ice-cold water to speed the drying process.

Step 20: Apply a thin, clear topcoat to seal the color, and enjoy what might be the best part of the manicure process…at least an hour of enforced, hands-free relaxation!

Did you know? Chinese aristocrats first used nail polish made of egg whites, rose petals, beeswax and gelatin around 3000 B.C.!



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