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Learn How To Make A Volcano

How To Make A Volcano (courtesy of

Hi! I’m Collin Filbate, and I’m gonna show you one way to make a great volcano for a science project!

Now, the things you’re gonna need – you’re gonna need hot and cold water. You’re gonna need parental supervision on this one, because you’re gonna be using very hot water here. You’re gonna need a cup to mix it in. You need a thermometer, and that’s because you’re gonna use some fast acting, highly active yeast. You need a pail, you need some sort of bottle. Now, a pop bottle works great.

Now, you’re gonna want to cover it with a variety of different things. You can make paper mache, you can just use sand. You can use minimally expanding foam, but that you must use in a well-ventilated area. Blow up foam around it, and then carve away when the foam is dry. You’ll have to aerate that, ’cause that does have some noxious fumes, so make sure you’ve got parental supervision there.

I’ve got my scissors, I’ve got a little cup to mix in. I’ve got my funnel again. I’ve got a little bit of red food coloring for the lava, and I’ve got hydrogen peroxide. You’re also going to need a little bit of dish soap. Let’s get started!

We’ve got our yeast here. I’m gonna cut it open. Now, check the back of the package and it says, “this yeast needs water that’s between 120 and 130°.” Now, that’s awful hot. That will scald you! So, I’m gonna put that in here. Now, I’ve got the water just right here – just above 120 here. We’re gonna let that wake up – takes a few minutes.

Now, we’re gonna put hydrogen peroxide. This is 3% hydrogen peroxide. Pour a bunch in there. And, we need it to be red, right, because it’s lava! Red lava. One of my secret ingredients is simple dish soap. You’re just gonna put a couple drops of dish soap in. Once again, mix it up.

Now, we’re gonna do a bio-chemical reaction here. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, But, it does it very slowly. Now, the yeast has an enzyme called peroxidase. Now, hydrogen peroxide kills cells, but, if a cell has a peroxidase – it’s a little enzyme that splits this up into oxygen and water – it can protect ourselves. Now, we have that, but bacteria do not. So, that’s why, when you put it on your cut, it froths up. That’s your body defending itself from the hydrogen peroxide the bacteria cannot.

Now, yeast is not a bacteria. It’s a eukaryotic organism. And we’re a eukaryotic organism, so we both have a peroxidase. And, now, that peroxidase is gonna go. I’m mixing it up, here.

The yeast should be nice and woken up, and now we’re ready to do our volcano…Our Volcano Erupts!

And, that’s how we build a volcano!



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