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Learn How To Make Corned Beef And Cabbage

How To Make Corned Beef and Cabbage (courtesy of

Hello! This is Chef John from with Corned Beef and Cabbage, the Official Meal of St Patrick’s Day! And, why is that? It was chosen because it’s a recipe you can cook drunk! So easy! So, here we go…

I’ve got a 4 ½ – that’s a big one – 4 ½ pound corned beef, right from the supermarket. Take it out of the package, rinse it. I’m gonna add some onions, some celery, some carrots – pretty big chunks – and, you get the spices free. Alright, I like that little packet. It’s pretty much what I was gonna put in, anyway, and it makes it, you know, magically delicious.

So, I’m gonna add 3 quarts of cold water. I’m using a nice, big dutch oven, so you might have to adjust the water a little for your own size pot. You want to cover, for sure.

I’m gonna put in about a teaspoon of salt. I’m gonna bring that up to a simmer. And, before I cover it, I’m gonna skim the top for that foam. We call that corned beef scum, alright? What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cover this. We’re gonna turn the heat to very low…very low…and, we’re gonna simmer this for about 3 hours.

It’s not gonna be totally done, but it’s going to be almost done! You can see here, it’s almost fork tender. The fork will go in, but it’s still kinda tough. And, at this point, I’m gonna add my potatoes. So, I’m gonna add, large, red potatoes that I just cut in half, and I’m gonna cook that for another half hour.

Now, while that’s simmering uncovered, I’m gonna cut up my cabbage. I have one small, green cabbage. I’m gonna cut it in eighths, which, if you’re drunk, that’s quarters cut in half. Alright, I’m gonna put that on top. And I know they’re not submerged, but that’s OK, because I’m gonna cover this and cook it for another 20 minutes or so, to a half hour, until everything is tender. Potatoes are tender, cabbage is tender, meat also tender.

Alright, we’re gonna pull out the meat. It doesn’t matter – St Patrick’s Day or not, drunk or not, meat has to rest before you slice it! Alright, after the meat rests at about 15 minutes, I’m gonna cut out any large, large chunks of fat. Leave a little bit. I’m gonna cut against the grain. I know you hear that all the time – against the grain, against the grain. See, if you cut it with the grain, this is what happens. It just shreds, it looks ugly, don’t do that. Cut across those fibers…they just have a better texture.

Serve it very simply. Fish out some potatoes, some cabbage, some carrots and some celery. A little bit of that braisy liquid on top. I serve it with a little hot mustard and rye bread…man, what a great, great American tradition! For your information, corned beef and cabbage not an authentic, Irish dish. Invented in America! Alright, and this is so easy to make. You can totally drink an entire 6-pack of Guiness or Harp, in my case, and make that very successfully. So, give it a try, go to the site, get the ingredients. And, as always, Enjoy!



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