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Learn How To Trim A Baby’s Hair

How To Trim A Baby’s Hair (courtesy of

No matter how bald your baby is at birth, eventually you’ll find yourself washing mashed banana out of her hair after every meal! Here’s how to give her a trim. You will need:

A baby in need of a haircut

A high chair with seat or restraining belt

A bath towel and safety pin, or 2 bibs

A spray bottle filled with water

A comb

A pair of hair cutting shears or scissors

A toy, book or snack


Another grown-up

A soft brush

Step 1 – Choose a time of day when your baby is in good spirits, and neither hungry or tired.

Step 2 – Place her in a high chair or any chair with a restraining belt and buckle her in. Pretend that you’re a real hairdresser, and start chatting her up as soon as she’s seated. It doesn’t matter what you say – just be upbeat and reassuring! Some babies are more willing to sit still on a love one’s lap. If yours is, too, recruit your spouse or a friend to be the chair.

Step 3 – Wrap a towel gently around her shoulders and pin it in place. Or, put the bibs on her – one facing forward and one facing backward. And keep talking!

Step 4 – Hand the baby a favorite book, toy or snack to keep her distracted and happy, and hands busy and out of the way.

Step 5 – Concentrate on the area most needing a trim. Spray the hair and comb it smooth. Then, gather it between your index and middle fingers, without bunching up the hairs. If the baby is reluctant to have her hair spritzed and trimmed, spritz and snip your own, to demonstrate that it doesn’t hurt!

Step 6 – Pull the hair gently down and snip just below your fingers, in one cut. Release the hair and let it spring back into place. If it’s curly hair, pull it down as far as it will go before trimming, to avoid cutting it too short.

Step 7 – Any time your baby gets fussy, hand her a new distraction and don’t stop talking! If she’s fussy because the hair has fallen against her skin, brush it off with a soft, clean brush. A large makeup brush works well for this.

Step 8 – Re-comb the spot you trimmed and clip any stray hairs you’ve missed. Your baby is hysterical and you’re not done yet? Don’t torture either one of you! Stop cutting and do the finishing touches while she’s asleep.

Step 9 – Trim and neaten up other sections of the hair in the same way. Now your baby will be prettier than ever, and you’ll be cleaning the mashed banana up off the floor instead!

Did you know? Babies born with hair often lose all of it during the first 6 months?



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