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Sep 30

Learn How To Tone Your Arms

How To Tone Your Arms (courtesy of WorkoutsOnDemand.com)

Hi! I’m Andrea with Workouts On Demand. Thanks for joining me! Today, I’m going to lead you through an arm workout…biceps, triceps and shoulders. All you need is your weights, dumbbells, even soup cans, if you don’t have dumbbells at home. Anything that you can hang on to. Let’s get started!

Palms up, shoulders back, standing nice and tall, curl arms up, twist it, and shoulder press. Reverse it, and down. Here we go. Curl and press. Down.

Again. Curl, Bicep curl, shoulder press. Reverse, and bringing it down. Nice, loose grip on your dumbbells. Press it up. And down. Keep going. Bicep curl, shoulder press. And down.

Nice, strong posture – pull those abdominals in a little bit. Shoulder press, and come back down. Curl and press. Down. Curl it up. Flip it. Press and extend those arms all the way up, come back down. Curl bicep, shoulder press. And down. Two muscle groups – one exercise. Press and down. And curl. And press. And curl. Uncurl it one more. Curl and press. And down. Uncurl it.

Going on to triceps. Little stance – bent knees, lean over at your hips. You have a nice, flat back. You’ll pull those dumbbells up, shoulders back, elbows stay right at your thighs and keep that straight back. Here we go.

Straight back and in. Straight back. Looking down at the floor, keep that spine nice and long, elongated. Straight back. The only part of your arm that’s moving is your lower arm. Straight back. Triceps, c’mon, straighten it! Keep that grip loose on your dumbbells. Triceps back of your arms. Up, up, good! Hang on – keep that posture, bent over at your hips. Bend your knees. Kick back. Triceps, go go go! Kick back. Nice and controlled. Stop the motion coming down. Kick back. Kick back. Good! Starting to feel it a little bit, now? Kick back. We’ve got 3 more. Three, two and one. Coming up.

Going back to shoulders. You’re gonna do a V-press right here. When you come down, you’re in a W…making a W. Keep your dumbbells away from your shoulders. Press up at a V and bring those elbows back in. Here we go!

It’s press up and down. And press. This one is a little more challenging – you’ve got a wider stance of your dumbbells.


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