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Aug 26

How to Faux Finish Using a Color Wash

How To Faux Finish Using A Color Wash (courtesy of FauxLikeAPro)

Well, if you’ve got a big area that you’re painting and you can’t decide between 2 colors, you might be able to put them together with a color wash. And, Sandra from Faux Like A Pro is gonna show us how to do it!

Now, this is the colorwash?

Yea! Now, these are the 2 greens that you’re talking about. We’ve got 2 colors that we put together. We’ve got a blue-green and we’ve got some blue color – very complimentary to one another.

The important ingredient here is the glaze. You need a long open time glaze. I’m working with the Faux Like A Pro glaze.

And, open time means it stays wet longer?

Yea. More time to work. And we’re doing a wet on wet technique, so the entire wall needs to stay wet.

Our ratio for this is going to be 5 parts glaze to 1 part color.

The 3rd bucket we’re gonna keep as clear glaze, and that’s gonna be our 3rd color.

Ok, these are color washing brushes. This, again, is a soft-hair brush. The approach here is just to use long, sweeping strokes, because we have a huge wall to cover. I’m just gonna work with the green first, because that is the most dominant color.

Now, notice the spacing I have between each stroke. That’s gonna leave some space for the blue and also the clear glaze.

The blue can intersect with the green a little bit, almost like you’re doing a little blending while you’re stroking. Each time you place your brush down, you need to move to another area.

The final pass is going to be the clear glaze, and, we’re gonna just kind of fill that in and blend with this brush a little bit.

And that’s just gonna soften the colors?

Yes, it softens – all I have is clear glaze on here, and see what’s happening? Pick up a little of the green, and we can kind of just place a little bit in here. And, then, go back in and blend.

Once the glaze is set up, you can basically switch over to what’s called a bristle block brush, and we’re gonna blend this, and we’re also drying up the glaze, because the glaze stays wet for up to an hour.

We’ve got a lot of glaze in here and very little color. And, just by pulling up on this brush, you can eliminate all of those brush strokes if you don’t like them.

Alright – I’m ready to give this a shot!

You ready to go? Ok, good!

Nice, broad strokes – wonderful! And, the angles are important! You know, we don’t want to do vertical, we don’t want to have these angles, and spread the glaze as much as you can. See how beautiful!

And then, the final finish, we’re just gonna do another softening with this bristle block.

Ok, well, Sandra and I are gonna finish up this wall, but, this color wash is a great idea if you’re just looking for a little, subtle color. Beautiful! I can see why this is popular!


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