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Sep 06

Learn How To Apply Individual False Eyelashes

How To Apply Individual Eyelashes (courtesy of ExpertVillage.com)

In this clip, I’m going to show you how to apply individual false eyelashes. The advantage to applying individual false eyelashes instead of a strip lash or a feather eyelash? It looks a little more natural when you apply individuals. You could just do one or 2, or you could apply all the way across the eye, so I’m gonna show you different techniques with individual eyelashes.

So, I’m gonna take the individual lashes, and I’m gonna take about 6 of them and put them on my hand. And, I’m using a tweezer, and you’re gonna want to pull from about the middle of the lash, so it doesn’t get messed up.

And, now, I’m gonna take a little bit of the Duo adhesive and put just a little, tiny dot on my hand. So, I’m gonna take the lash, from the middle of it, and dip the tip just in the adhesive.

Start with the outer corner, and you want to start about 3 lashes in – 3 of your lashes in. And, you’re just gonna apply it right on top of your lashline. And, where these lashes end, that’s where you’re gonna want to start the next one. So, it’s about 3 of your normal lashes apart from each other. You’re just gonna add a little dot and then apply, and keep going. So about every 3 lashes, you’re gonna apply the individual. And, you can just do the ends right there, which is just gonna give you a little more fullness, or you can go all the way in. So, with Sara here, I’m gonna go all the way in. And…3 lashes over… then you can kind of move them a little bit while they’re kinda damp, to get them exactly where you want them.

Then, you’re gonna go back to the middle…about 3 over…dip the end in just a little bit. The individual lashes give you a really nice, natural look. Sometimes, the strip can be a little more dramatic; so, if you’re just looking for an everyday kind of look, you can go for these ones.

Now, I’m gonna add just a couple more on the ends, to give it a little more dramatic effect on the outer corner. Again, you can move them around, til they get to where you want to be. I think we need one more in the inner corner. I like using the individual lashes, too, because you can really place them exactly where you want them. So, if you want more in some spots and less in some spots, you really have that control.

And, that’s how you apply the individual eyelashes!


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