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Sep 14

Learn How To Belly Dance: Turning

How To Belly Dance for Beginners: Hip Turns (courtesy of ExpertVillage.com)

Now, you’re gonna learn how to hip-drop,kick, turn. You’ve learned how to hip drop, how to kick – now, you’re gonna learn how to turn!

So, the same position, on the diagonal, with your front leg bent and your back leg…sometimes it’s straight, sometimes it’s a little bit bent. It depends – when you start your turn, you know. Dance doesn’t have a lot of strict rules! Once you have ballet training, everything else goes in place. So, basically, you’re gonna start the hip drop that you know already, and you’re gonna incorporate the kick, and your back leg is gonna be doing the turn and the front leg gonna help, OK? And, that’s the turn.

Once again, you start with the hip drop, you’re gonna incorporate the kick. Now, you’re gonna turn! And, you just learned how to hip drop, kick, turn!


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