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Apr 08

Learn How To Change Your Oil

How To Change Your Oil (courtesy of ExpertVillage.com)

So, the first step when you do an oil change is to jack the car up in the air – to get clearance underneath it so you can lay on the ground – you jack it up and put blocks underneath the tires, or if you have someone there to spot you, you can drive it up on a ramp.

Then, the next think you would do is go underneath the car. When you’re under the car, you’ll find your oil pan and our oil filter, right here. This is your little drain plug – loosen it and take it out. It always works better if you’re doing it like this and from right here, so the oil doesn’t leak down all over your arm, onto your elbow…a lot cleaner this way! Make sure you don’t lose your bolt into the oil pan, because you gotta fish it out. You got the oil into the pan.

While that’s going, get your oil filter. Grab your oil filter…let the oil drain out for a little while. Til it’s all gone. Grab your new filter and take some oil. Fill the oil into the filter. That way, when you start your engine, you’re not dry-starting it.

After it’s done draining, you put the plug back in. You don’t want to tighten it too much, ’cause you’ll strip out the thread. Put the oil filter in…turn until you feel it start to catch, then turn it another half-turn. So, up here, you find your oil fill cap – pop it off. Usually, it will say Oil, so it’s pretty self-explanatory there. You get a funnel and put it in there. Depending on what car you have and what your manufacturer recommends, they’ll say how many quarts your car will take for a full oil change, with a filter, and how much it takes if you don’t change the filter. Because, if you change the filter, you take a quart more than if you don’t change the filter.

After you’re done with your oil change, you write down what you did to it, how many miles you have on the car and what day it is.


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