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Sep 08

Learn How To Grow Perfect Tomatoes

How To Grow Perfect Tomatoes (courtesy of Lowes.com)

If you love tomatoes, then, growing them at home offers you a real treat. Nothing beats the taste of that fresh-plucked, home-grown, sun-warmed tomato! Hi, I’m William Moss, and I’m gonna give you 7 tips for growing perfect tomatoes!

First, let’s talk about the types of tomatoes.

There are the larger, slicing tomatoes, which are used for sandwiches, salads.

There are the paste tomatoes, that are very good in our spaghetti, pizza, for making those sauces.

Then, there are the cherry/snacking tomatoes. They’re a little smaller, but easier to grow, and they also are sweet, so kids love ’em! And, they’re all easy to grow with these 7 simple tips.

Tip #1 – Plant them in full sun. They want about 6 to 8 hours of light. That really gives them the energy to make these big, juicy tomatoes. They like a lot of warmth as well, so, be sure not to plant any tomatoes until after the last frost date.

Tip #2 – Plant in a good soil. Tomatoes need good drainage to grow their best. Adding composte improves the drainage, and also increases the amount of nutrients in the soil.

Tip #3 – Give them some space! Tomatoes need about 2 to 3 feet of space to grow properly. When they have their proper spacing, they can grow big and healthy, and they have the proper air circulation, which helps prevent disease.

Tip #4 – Stake or cage your tomatoes! The easiest way to harvest the most tomatoes is to provide a good support system. Add the cage while they’re small, and they’ll grow up through it.

Tip #5 – Water your tomatoes! Tomatoes are about 90% water, so, to get those plump, juicy fruits, you’re gonna need about an inch a week. And, when you water, be sure to water the soil and the roots – not the leaves. That way, you prevent any diseases, especially those nasty, fungal blights.

Tip #6 – Watch for pests! Just check your tomato out, turn over a few leaves, and you’ll be typically looking for that tomato horn worm. It can eat several leaves in just a night! It’s easy to take care of, though – just pick him off or flick him off, into a cup of soapy water, and you’ll be fine.

Tip #7 – Fertilize your tomatoes. Feed your tomatoes with a slow release fertilizer. You want to sprinkle it all around the roots. That way, it will feed them for a long time.

And, there you have it! 7 tips for growing perfect tomatoes! And, when you have too many tomatoes this summer, you can pass them out around the neighborhood, and you’ll be the most popular person on the block!


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