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Oct 11

How to Make Jewelry – How to Knot Pearls

How To Knot Pearls (courtesy of JewelrySupply)

Hi! I’m Sarah, the designer for JewelrySupply.com. Today, I’m gonna show you how to do basic pearl knotting.

The knotting technique that is commonly associated with pearls. And, when you see higher quality strands of pearls that have been made into jewelry, you will frequently see a knot in between each one of them. This is also a technique that is really great for gemstones or beads that you may have that have sentimental quality.

How you knot between each one of them is like this:

Take your cord, or the pearls that you’ve already knotted in between, and hold it in your non-dominant hand. For me, that’s my left hand. Take the cord in your right and make a simple, overhand loop. Just like this. Now, we’re gonna make a knot out of it!

Take your tweezers…I’m gonna pull the knot over on my side…and put your fingers through the loop, just like this. Grab the cord right next to the pearl. If you have to, you can pull on the cord ever so slightly, just to get a really, firm hold on that. Take the cord and pull tight, right down at the end of the tweezers.

Now, grab the cord, and with your thumbnail, put it right up next to the side of that knot. Ever so gently, wiggle the tweezers out of the knot, and close the knot completely by pulling on the cord and pushing the knot into that pearl with your thumbnail. That’s how you do that!

Here it is again. We’re gonna string the last pearl against the knot that I just made, take the pearl in my non-dominant hand, wrap an overhand loop like this. Take my tweezers, go through the loop and grab hold of the cord, right next to the pearl. Now, take the loop and close it into a knot, grab the cord, take your thumbnail right next to that knot, pull out the tweezers and, ever so gently, pull the knot closed and press with your thumbnail. Make sure it’s really tight.

Just continue on with that same technique all the way down the line, until your whole necklace or bracelet is complete! Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “well, why would I want a knot in between each one of my pearls, or gemstones or beads”? The reason for that is really quite simple. We all know what happens when a strand of beads breaks. It usually goes everywhere. Well, if a strand of pearls break, only one will fall!

Some other tips to think about –

Try to make sure that the cord in between each of your pearls is fairly close to the color pearl that you’re using. In this case, I have grey cord in between each one of these blue pearls. Over here, I have burgundy between each one of these burgundy pearls.


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