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Apr 16

How to Lay Tile Floor

How To Lay Tile Floor (courtesy of AskTheBuilder)

Oh boy, check this out. Hi, I’m Tim Carter from AskTheBuilder.com. Thanks for joining me today! I’m in this room that we’re remodeling, and we have to extend a tile floor into this area that’s not finished. Check that out! The reason that happened is, just about 10 days ago, right where I’m standing, there used to be a wall that went all the way to the ceiling. We took it down, so that the two rooms have now become one.

The challenge is this – check this out. If you go ahead and start to lay the tile, going this direction behind me, and you think that you’ll be able to line it up with your eye, making sure that the lines are perfect – it’s not gonna happen. You’ll make a mistake every time. You actually need to create a line on this concrete slab that you will actually lay the tile to, to know that those rows are straight. And, here’s one way that I’ve done it in the past, works pretty well.

You can use just a regular chalk line. This one happens to have no chalk on it, yet. If you’re gonna use one that’s already got chalk, make sure you pull the chalk line out and snap it a couple of times, to get as much chalk off as possible. All you have to do is open up the chalk line, and you hook the chalk line right to the underside of the tile. You can see right here. I took the end of the chalk line, hooked it to the under side of this tile, pull the string tight.

And, then what I do – now, look real closely here. I go ahead right here, and I get this string lined up right with that edge of the tile. That’s exactly what I want to see, right there, so I know it’s right. Then I take the chalk line, and I come back down here. And, what I can do, first of all, is do this. I can actually use the line – the string line – and, I can see by just hovering it over the edge of this tile, that these tiles are perfectly in line. That’s exactly what we want to see!

So, now what we’ll do is, I can make a line, right here. Right underneath the string line, on the concrete slab. So, we know where that point is. We come back here, and I line up the string, looking right down the string. Put my eye right over it. And, you can see that I can swing the string left and right, until it’s right at the edge of the tile, which it is, right there. You can see it right over the edge of the tile. I put the string down here, make a mark, and if you take a heavy object, like a full paint can, I can set it on the string.

So, now the string won’t move, and I can go ahead and make marks right underneath the string, in a couple places. And then, if you want, you can take a straight edge, like a 4-foot level, connect those lines, and you’ve got your straight line to start laying your tile!

I’m Tim Carter, for AskTheBuilder.com!


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