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Feb 02

How to Make a Wreath Part 2

How To Make A Fall Wreath Part II (courtesy of AskTheDecorator.com)

Hanging a fall wreath on your door is a great way to welcome guests. Hi! I’m Meghan Carter with Ask The Decorator, and today I’m going to teach you how to make a fall wreath.

To start, I always place my bow first. I’m going to put my bow on this wreath a little off center
to the left. Once I have my bow in place, I’ll know where I want to put everything else.

On this wreath, I’m going to put greenery on first because the greenery will serve as the base on top of this grapevine wreath. Once you have your greenery picked out, it’s time to attach it. I take a hot glue gun and stick it down, and just hold it down in place for a few seconds. Sometimes, hot glue isn’t enough to hold down your greenery. So, if that’s the case, take a little bit of wire – in this case I’m using a green wire – and wrap around it. Don’t worry! No one will see the wire once the wreath is done.

Once you have your greenery attached to the wreath, it’s time to place the pumpkins. I’m going to place 3 pumpkins down at the bottom. Attaching the pumpkins might be a little tricky. When I put these pumpkins on, I’m going to glue the back of them and then I’m going to hold them down. To make the pumpkins extra secure, put glue in between them and then push them together.

Once you have the bottom 3 pumpkins put on, it’s time to put on the one pumpkin at the top. Before you put this on, I always put the bow next to the greenery. Because, that way you know exactly where you want the pumpkin to go.

Once you have the pumpkins on, it’s time to put on some extra ivy. I just take little cuttings of the extra ivy and glue it on. I just place the ivy in strategic places next to where I’ve already put ivy in, just to fill any gaps and make the ivy look thicker. Once you’ve finished putting the extra ivy on the wreath, it’s time to put on the pieces of fern that look like they’re on fire.

When you put these on, only use a few, and put them very close to the actual pumpkin. After adding the pieces of fern, you might want to add some of these oak leaves to add extra color. When you add these, because they’re big, you want to put them underneath the other greenery. I know at this point, you’re probably thinking the wreath looks like a jumbled mess! But don’t worry – this is where the wreath all starts coming together.

Start adding all of your natural stuff and the berries, and you’ll see magic. What happens is, start layering all of the natural stuff and the berries slowly out, with more concentrated by the pumpkins and less fading out. Just as we did with the greenery. Don’t worry if you have to add extra greenery – that’s ok! You may find that you need to fill in a few spaces. Ow! Gosh – you really have to be careful when you’re working with hot glue. You can really burn yourself.

After you have everything on your wreath just where you want it, you get to put on the bow and you’re almost done. The way I made my bow, I have a big, wire cord going through that I can use to attach to the wreath. I just put it on there, exactly where I want it. Take the wire, and then I just twist it as tight as I can to make sure it’s not going to fall off. And any excess wire I have left, I can just cut off before I hang it up.

Look at the beautiful fall door wreath you have – isn’t it gorgeous?


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