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Dec 21

Learn How To Make A Novel Wreath From An Old Book

How To Make A Novel Wreath From Old Books (courtesy of MadeByMarzipan.com)

This project is not hard, but it is time consuming. Put on a movie, and get comfortable, and make yourself a novel wreath!

Supplies Needed:

Foam Wreath Form
Old Books
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Scraps
Ribbon or Tulle
Beads or corsage pin

I’m using a foam wreath form. Wrap it tightly with a scrap of mutual colored fabric. I recycled this strip of fabric from an old skirt. Use hot glue to secure in place. Once you’ve covered the wreath, use a generous amount of glue on the back to secure the fabric’s loose end. Trim off any excess fabric.

Now I’ll show you how to make the flowers. You’ll need an old book. If you have one that’s a little aged and yellowed, it gives the flowers an antiqued look. You’ll need 3 yellowed pages for each flower. Cut the pages in half. Round off the edges and corners of the pages.

Now, start at the paper’s edge, cut in a spiraling circle towards the center. When you reach the middle, you’ll have a round little tab in the center. Keeping the 3 layers together, roll tightly from the edge. I’m holding the paper a little awkwardly, since I’m trying to capture this on video, but I find it easiest to pinch the top and bottom of the paper, between my thumb and forefinger, and turn the flower with the other hand to roll it up.

When you reach the end of the paper, you’ll have the round tab at the bottom. Squirt hot glue on the spiraled bottom of the flower and press this tab to make it stick. You can vary the size of your flowers by loosening your grip. The paper will unravel and make a fuller blossom.

Once you’ve made all your flowers, you can add them to your wreath form. Nestle the flowers close together – you don’t want the fabric to show through.

Before you finish covering your wreath, you’ll want to add your ribbon for hanging. Tie both ends of a ribbon to the wreath, then make sure the knots are on the back of the wreath. Use another segment of ribbon to tie a bow at the top.

Keep going until the top and sides are all covered. Finally, you can add pearl beads to the center of each flower. Alternately, you could also stick pearl tipped corsage pins through the middle of each blossom.


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