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Jan 21

Learn How To Paint A Wall Quickly

How To Paint A Wall Quickly (courtesy of Paint Helpers)

Painting the corners of a room has always been a two-step process. Well, not anymore! This is a brand new product. What we’ve done with this product is, we’ve combined the speed of a roller with the accuracy of a paintbrush. No one’s ever done this before!

So, the way it works is, the brush fits right here, on the shield, behind the roller. You put paint on the roller, like this, okay, load it up nice and good. Saturate the roller – close your shield. You come up to your edge – say this is a door frame or a window frame or ceiling or whatever else you’re gonna paint up to. And really, all you need to do is put the roller on the wall, roll down, roll up, roll down.

The secret to this device is a tiny paintbrush that spreads the paint right to the edge of the wall, where the roller can’t go! That brush paints that little gap right here. So, the roller puts paint on the wall, the brush picks up paint right here, and moves it over to the edge. And, you can see, it gives you a very, very sharp edge. And, the roller falls off, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty by pulling it off.

In today’s Paint Helper’s Product Reviews, we’ll be taking a look at the Accubrush Paint Edging System, which you’re seeing in use right here. Take a look at how quickly we can edge around this window, using this device. There is not a product on the market which can edge as quickly or as accurately as the Accubrush Paint Edging System. It can be used as a roller in small spaces, but, most importantly, it’s got a little brush which will automatically give us professional results against doors, windows, ceilings, all sorts of trim.

It also comes in a pole-mounted version. This is the Accubrush XT which you’re seeing here, and this is our product tester, Kat, who is edging along this ceiling without having to get up and down on a ladder. And, she is edging a perfectly clean line with no paint getting up on the ceiling. We’ll be looking at the Accubrush Paint Edging System in this edition of Paint Helper’s Product Reviews, coming up next.

You’ll be saying that painting is just so easy, from now on! It’s not the big, horrible, strenuous job that you thought it was. This actually makes painting easy. What we’ve developed is a new paint edger that combines the speed of a roller with the accuracy of a paintbrush. This paintbrush has been specially designed to paint right up to the edge, so you don’t have to worry about taping or masking off anything. So, it’s a roller and a brush, and the shield here allows you to open it up, roll paint on the roller, close the shield.

Start away from the wall a little bit…and I’m done! Like I said, it’s a roller, and then the brush fits in behind it. And the brush is actually what does the final cutting, and that is what allows you to get right up to the edge. Without that brush, this doesn’t work. So, the roller basically puts paint on the wall first, and then the brush comes behind it and moves that paint right up to the edge. So, you’re never actually putting paint on the brush itself, so it makes for a very fast operation. The consistency and the results of the painting job when you’re finished are amazing…they are very, very accurate. They are as good as a professional painter.

The Accubrush will save you enormous amounts of time, especially along ceilings. Ceilings are notoriously the most difficult part of edging; especially, since you have to carry your paint with you up on the ladder if you want to brush it in. You often can’t tape a ceiling because the tape won’t stick or there’s texture on your ceiling or whatever else. With the Accubrush, it doesn’t matter if there’s texture on your ceiling. It will allow you to paint right up to that edge, quickly and cleanly. Now, look how close that is! You can’t get anywhere this close with your hand, by using tape, or any other method!


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