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Jul 20

Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle

How To Ride A Motorcycle for the Very First Time (courtesy of 13mordeth)

Hello, this is 13! I’ve got a few people that watch my vids that like motorcycles (no surprise there!), and some of them don’t have a bike yet, and they plan on getting one in the near future. So, this video is for them, and it is How To Ride A Motorcycle for the first time! This pretty much applies to someone who has never ridden a bike before, so, if you’ve ridden a bike before, you can just skip this vid. And, you know, this is for people who are either gonna buy a bike who haven’t owned one before, or people who come across a bike and decide they wanna steal it! Either way! So, you’ve got a motorcycle – now, what do you do?

The first thing you do is you put on your protective gear. Make sure you have the body armor. You shouldn’t wear running shoes, because running shoes have laces that can catch on things. If you do have laces, take like the loops of the bow and tuck them back into the shoes, so there’s nothing really hanging loose. Or, you could tuck the bows into the laces here – like, take a bow and tuck it underneath – just get the laces and bows out of the way, because you don’t want them to catch on anything!

OK, so you get on the motorcycle and you turn the key. The fuel injection does its thing, and then the red light comes on. That means it’s ready to start. Notice that the neutral light is not on, so that means we’re not in neutral. Most motorcycles, the gears are:

1 – Down

Neutral – Up

Up past neutral – 2nd

Then keep going up for the gears – 2nd , 3rd , 4th, 5th.

So, it’s like – 1st gear, neutral, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th.

So, I’m in gear right now, but I don’t know which gear, right? So, I hold in the clutch and just keep kicking down all the way, to make sure I’m on. It doesn’t go down, so that means I’m in 1st. So, I wanna go up half a click, to neutral. And now, the neutral light’s on – so, I’m in neutral. Now, I can start the bike and it won’t go anywhere.

OK. So, the bike is started. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you where the controls are!

The left-hand side of the motorcycle is for gears. This is a gear-shifter, and this is the clutch. Just like a car has a clutch – and these are the gears. So, the left side is for shifting.

The right side of a motorcycle is for breaking! This is the rear brake, and this is the front brake. This is the accelerator. If you didn’t know where the accelerator was, you really shouldn’t try to ride a bike!

OK…and for low speed, you should pretty much just use the back break. It’s safer, and, if you lock it up, the bike’s not gonna fall over. So, I’d say, while just getting familiar with the bike, and familiar with the clutch and stuff, you should pretty much just use the rear break. I’ll probably use both…out of habit…but, for you, I’d say just use the rear. So, just use your right foot.

OK. So, I hold the clutch in, push down. Neutral light goes off, and you feel a click. It’s in 1st gear again. 1st gear is the only, real tricky part to driving. Same as a standard car. The first thing you want to do is figure out where the clutch engages. You’re not gonna be familiar with this clutch. So, what you do is you just let it out really slowly. And, you can see now that the bike is starting to move. And I’m not touching the accelerator, but the bike’s rolling, because the clutch is like, maybe 20%, 10% engaged. And that 10% engaged is enough to get the bike to roll. So, once it starts rolling, just pull your hand back in and try it again, ok? See, the bike’s moving, and I’m not – I don’t even have my hand on the accelerator. It’s not stalling, because I’m only partially engaged. If I let it out too far, too fast…it’s rolling…now, look at that! I got the bike rolling without even touching the accelerator! I didn’t think that would happen!

Let’s try that again – it’s cause I let it out smoothly – I let it out too smoothly. If I let it out too fast, then it just stalls. OK, if your bike stalls, it’s just telling you you let the clutch out too fast. You see, that second time I let the clutch out so slowly, that the bike started riding, and it didn’t even stall, and I didn’t give it any gas! So, that just goes to prove, what you can do with a smooth clutch. A smooth clutch release. You don’t even need to give it gas. And, that’s a pretty safe way to get the bike started rolling, you know – no fear of popping the clutch, or giving it too much RPMS a doing a wheelie or whatnot, like you see on the internet. So, let’s try that again. That time I didn’t put it in neutral – I just held the clutch in, and then started it. That’s another way. You don’t have to have it in neutral to start the bike. It’s the better way to start it, but, I was certain that it was in 1st gear, so I just held the clutch in all the way and started it.

So, I’m still in 1st gear – make sure – and then…so, I’m gonna give it a bit of gas and just let the clutch out slowly. Feel it start to move…slowly. OK, now I can let go of the clutch – I’m engaged. I don’t let go of the handle, but I’m just letting go to show you that the clutch is fully disengaged…or engaged…or whatever. So, anyways, yea…when you’re at slower speeds again, you just hold the clutch in, so the bike isn’t jerky, you know? If I were to let the clutch out and then drive at this speed, it’s kind of jerky, so you just pull the clutch in, and work it together with the gas.

The first time you ride a bike, first of all, you’re stopping and starting a lot. Stop, let the clutch out, give it a little bit of gas, work the 2 together to get it rolling, ok. Stop again. You know, a lot of times, what happens is that they stall the bike. They stall it like I did earlier. Then they get frustrated, so they start it up again, then they give it more gas and let the clutch out quicker to hurry up and get moving. Then they stall it again. And, then, the next time, they give it even more gas, and then the bike jerks, and then they lose control and they crash.

So, just keep the speed down low and practice. And, that’s about it…just…the most important thing when you’re first start riding – is just really move the clutch control. Get used to moving your hand in such a slow, controlled fashion. See, you can kind of see what I’m doing with the clutch…just letting it out and letting the bike move. Then, when I stop, I let the clutch out, give it gas. When I’m giving it gas, again, I’m only going about 2000 RPMs. You can see how much that is – just a little bit. Watch the RPMs…I’m keeping it at about 2000, just to get it rolling. Try that again – watch. See, it doesn’t go up over 2, for a smooth start.

If you want to start it quicker, you can bring the RPMs up higher, but, you don’t want to do that when you’re new. I can bring the RPMs up to, like…over 5,000 – 6,000. Then I let the clutch out. But, I’m also letting it out smoothly. If I just let go of it, the front might pop up, or you might lose control, so, smooth is the key. Video is getting a little bit long, so I’m gonna stop it, here. The first time you ride a motorcycle, know where everything is, and practice starting and stopping, because, the most important thing is clutch control.


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