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Mar 14

Learn How To Swaddle A Baby

How To Swaddle A Baby (courtesy of About.com)

Hi! I’m Kathy Moore, of About.com Parenting. Babies love to be held, and we love to hold them! But, they also need to learn to sleep on their own. Swaddling a baby in a blanket offers the same snugness as a hug, but it frees up your arms. This program offers some simple steps on how to swaddle a baby, and why it’s important.

First, choose an appropriate blanket. I find lightweight cotton or flannel works great. Make sure the blanket is at least twice as big, both long and wide, and the baby.

Fold down one corner of the blanket, and place the baby’s head in the middle of this triangle, with the head just above the fold.

Next, pull the left side of the blanket across the baby’s body. Plane it until it’s snug. Make sure her arm is along the side of her chest. Tuck this side under the baby.

Pull up the bottom of the blanket over the baby’s toes, and tuck it up and under the last fold, just below the baby’s neck.

Last, take the baby’s free arm, and make sure it stays along her side, while you pull the other side of the blanket across her body and tuck it snugly underneath.

At first, you may think that you’re pulling the blanket too tight, and that the baby looks uncomfortable, almost mummy-like. We used to call our kids baby burritos! But, it’s the snugness that they like. It’s calming and it’s soothing, and I think it reminds them of being inside the womb.

A snug wrap keeps the baby from waking itself up by its own startle reflex. This is the same reason why babies should not be swaddled while they are awake. They need to move to develop strength and mobility.

Though it may take some practice, swaddling is a wonderful technique to learn. And your reward will be watching your baby sleep peacefully! Thanks for watching! To learn more, visit us on the web at Parenting.About.com.


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