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Jan 27

How to Tell if Someone is Lying

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying (courtesy of 5Min.com)

How do I tell if someone is lying to me? There are a lot of indicators of why somebody might be lying, and we could actually do a whole session on this, but here are some indicators that somebody’s lying:

First of all – do they only show one emotion? Have you ever met somebody who says how are things going? Oh, great, great, great great. Everything is always great. Oh, and you’re great, and everything! Well, here’s the thing. We all have down days, we all get upset with one another. If somebody’s showing you only one emotion, chances are, they’re not being up front.

Here’s another indication…if they’re not giving you the details. Do you ever ask someone a question, and they don’t really answer the question? Or, they give you kind of a vague answer? Or, they get defensive or make accusations back? In other words…and you think to yourself, “they didn’t answer the question?” Chances are, they’re covering up for something, and therefore, they are lying.

So, there are many indicators, but those are perhaps 2 big ones that I see often and we need to pay attention to. And then, of course, push forward, or walk away from the situation if you can, or, deal with it another way. Legally, of course, but the key is to do something about it, if it’s going to affect our life.


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