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Apr 29

How to Unclog a Drain Without Chemicals

How To Unclog A Drain Without Chemicals (courtesy of Home RemodelWorkshop)

Hi! I’m Bob Schmidt with Home Remodel Workshop. Slow running bathroom sinks, slow running bathroom tubs, nothing can be more annoying! Backs the water up, brings the dirt and everything right up into your tub. I’ve had some luck in the past using my snake to unclog these things, but, to do that, you have to take out the drain trap, you have to take apart the pop up in the vanity. I found a new product that I think a homeowner could use that maybe would be very useful and quick, easy, safe tip where you won’t damage your stuff. Give me a couple of minutes, and I’ll show you how to use it!

And, the inexpensive product that I’m talking about using is called a Zipit. Basically what is it, is it’s a flexible plastic with these little plastic barbs on it. They are sharp – I mean, obviously, not dramatically sharp, but I wouldn’t let little kids play with this. But, the neat thing about this is that this won’t damage the metal on your tub, and it doesn’t require pulling the pop up out of your sink. Here, let me show you how to use it!

The only downside I have to making this video, is, apparently I don’t have a slow running drain! As you can see, I turn my water on, it takes the water down right quick. You can see by this hair right here, exactly what happens, though. This hair gets sucked down into that drain and then gets caught around this pop up and the armature around the pop up. Most of the time,that is what’s causing your slow flow.

Now, the nice thing about this product is, where typically for a snake, I would have to take this out, I would have to hand-direct the snake down into the hole to make sure I don’t scratch up this surface. Because this is flexible and plastic and has these little plastic barbs on it, I can actually slip it in with the pop up still in place, and basically slide it all the way down to the hilt. Now, once it’s in there, I can jiggle it around a little bit. Oh, and, as you can see, even with a slow running drain, you can still…or, with a clean running drain, it’s still pulling some dirt and debris out of there.

Now, I’m gonna go ahead and take this to some of the other sinks in my house, and I’m gonna try it in them also, just to show you, and maybe we’ll get better results from there. Maybe we’ll have some better luck in my kid’s bathroom! They don’t have a tendency to pick up the hair and be as tidy as we are. But still, as you can see, the drain – ah, it’s running a little slower than the other one, but not bad. So, basically, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the Zipit, do the same thing as I did on the other one…stick it all the way down in there, move it up and down a little bit…not bad. I’m gonna go ahead and go to another side of the pop up, go ahead an shove it down there and see if I can find something on that side – oop! There we go! Oop, and there comes some more…I don’t even know what that is! But, as you can see, even with a drain that’s running clean, hair is already starting to accumulate inside there. You get too much of that hair in there, this drain slows down and then finally stops.

OK, here we are in the bathtub. I went ahead and I pulled the pop up out, although you don’t have to. This drain also is running clear, but I wanted to show you this “X” that’s here inside of this tub. That’s where most of the hair clogs are gonna get clogged up. Now, it’s pretty obvious it’s clean, but, if the pop up were on here, and I were sliding this alongside the pop up, these barbs would grab that hair and pull it back out of there. 9 times out of 10, that’s gonna be your problem.

And, here we are down in my nasty, stationary tub. Although the water seems to run fairly freely and goes down the drain, we don’t use the strainer as much as we should, or as much as most people do, so I’m sure that there’s lint and debris that gets bypassed in this drain. So, I’m gonna go ahead and send this down in there. Let’s see if I can…I’m snagging some of it up, but let’s go ahead and try a different spot. Yea, there’s some lint right there, coming out. I’m sure that, if let go too long, that it would also clog up this drain and make this a slow drain.

Now, as the date of this posting, I paid $2.15 for this. I think it’s well worth the effort if you have a slow drain in a bathtub or a shower or a vanity sink, as far as for a hair clog or, even a downstairs stationary tub for lint and stuff, to go ahead and give this a shot before, I would definitely do this before I would break out my snake or go to call a plumber. I’m Bob Schmidt with Home Remodel Workshop. I hope you like this tip, see you again real soon. Thanks!


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