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Jul 26

Learn How To Write A Song

How To Write A Song (courtesy of ExpertVillage.com)

In this segment, I’m gonna talk about song structure. There’s no rules, really, in creativity…you can do whatever you want. But it’s also good to know what the norm is, so that when you break them, you break them intelligently and purposefully, so you don’t just sound…seem like you have no idea what you’re doing.

Here is a standard pop structure. You’ve got:

Verse I


Verse II



Last Chorus

The verses are the parts of the story – the parts of the song – that basically tell the story. The chorus is gonna pop out as the main feeling…the main idea…the reason you wrote the song and what you want to say to the world about this song.

The 2nd verse is going to develop from the first verse – tell that story more – or, tell the details of what’s going on.

Back to the chorus, which is gonna be the exact same, usually.

Then, we get to the bridge – which is – you don’t have to have a bridge. Not all songs have a bridge. The bridge is a different perspective. It’s gonna have a different sound. It’s gonna almost come out through the looking glass. You’ve got the story and the main idea, and the bridge is gonna be like, “but, what if?”, or, “it could have been this way”, or, “I never thought of it this way”. It’s like, the other side.

And, then, you’re gonna end with the chorus, and you’ll think of a way to end your song.

There’s your basic, standard song structure!


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