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Oct 24

How to Plan a Wedding – Destination Weddings

How To Plan A Destination Wedding (courtesy of Brideorama.com)

Hi! This is Susan Breslow Sardone, the author of Destination Wedding for Dummies. I’m not just the author of the book – I’ve actually been a destination bride! I’ve got 3 important tips for anyone having a destination wedding:

1) Find out what the marriage laws are where you’re going to get married. In France, for instance, which people think of as a really romantic place to get married, a 40-day residency is required. And, that’s why a lot of couples will get their license at home, and then they’ll have a symbolic ceremony at the destination.

2) Hope for a sunny day, but plan for a rainy day! Lots of destination weddings happen on beaches. Ask the wedding site to prepare an alternate space where you and your guests can go in case there’s a thundershower or a heatwave.

3) If you’re thinking of a really small wedding, you can always come home and have a great party. That’s when you can invite your friends to some informal party or barbeque, and you can even theme it to the destination.


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