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Jan 30

How to Knit – Knitting Backwards

Learn How To Knit Backwards (courtesy of theknitwitch)

Backwards knitting is a technique that you can use to avoid purling on all of your rows. So, if you don’t like to purl, you might want to try to learn to do this.

But, you knit to the end of your row, and then, normally what you would do when you get to the end of your row is turn your knitting, and then start working all your purls on the opposite side. So, instead of doing that, is, stay on the right side of your work – keep all of your stitches on your right-hand needle – and then, start by going from left to right, in back of your stitch, wrap your yarn counter-clockwise, and then pull that stitch over and then off the right-hand needle.

So, go from left to right in back of that stitch, pull your yarn counter-clockwise around, pull your stitch over and off your right-hand needle. I know we’re taught to panic when stitches start falling off of our right-hand needles, but in this case, it’s ok – I promise!

Pull that new yarn through, and your old stitch off the right-hand needle. And, from left to right in the back, wrap your yarn around counter-clockwise, pull that new yarn through on your left-hand needle, and then pull the old stitch off your right-hand needle.

And, you just continue this all the way across your row until you’re done. And then, what you would do is go back again and just knit your next row. And that’s all there is to backwards knitting!


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