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Mar 08

How to Knit Through the Back Loop (ktbl)

How To Knit Through The Back Loop (courtesy of LionBrandYarn.com)

To knit through the back loop, you’re going to be inserting your right-hand needle from the right to left, into your stitch. Instead of knitting through the front, such as this, you’re gonna be knitting into this back section.

You’ll yarn over, and complete the stitch as normal. This creates a twisted stitch, so, let me show you a normal knit stitch, as compared to the twisted stitch. So, as you can see, it sort of leans a little more…the left side is slightly more elongated because of the twist.

So, here’s knitting through the back loop again. Insert your right-hand needle into the back of the stitch. Then, yarn over, and complete the stitch as normal. And, that’s knitting through the back loop!


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